Review: Hoont Multi 4-in-1 Pest Repeller


I was sent this pest repeller by Hoont for free for a review.

I am again amazed at the technology in these pest repellers. All the hoont repellers seem to get rid of all pests, almost straight away!

This pest eliminator comes in a nice box wrapped in bubble wrap and with very simple and clear instructions. You simply plug the device into the wall socket and turn the switch on. This pest repeller has three buttons on the front. They all denote a different function and are lit up when that function is on and working. The green light stands for the ultrasonic sound waves and means that extremely high pitched sound waves are blasted out into the room. These waves are inaudible to humans but are a nightmare for insects and rodents.
The red light shows that the electromagnetic vibrations are sending vibrations through the electrical wiring of you walls. This disturbs any nesting or breeding pests and stops new ones from wanted to enter your home.
The yellow light indicates that the ionic function. This generates negative ions into the air which helps rid the air of pollutants and food odours which can attract pests.

Straight away I’ll say that this device is a bit bulky and switching the on switch on your wall socket is a bit tricky but after that it works. This hoont repeller comes with a button under the 3 lights to allow to you choose which mode you would like.
Mode 1 is just the red light, so just the vibration technology working.
Mode 2 is the yellow button only, so only the ionic function is working.
Mode 3 is just the green light on so just the ultrasonic wave functions.
Mode 4 is all 3 lights on and obviously means all 3 technologies are working.
I was a bit concerned at first as none of the lights seemed to be on and nothing seemed to be working. I wasn’t sure what was happening but don’t be worried if this happens to you, there is an easy fix. I had to press and hold down the button for a while until the red light switched on, then I was able to press the button quickly to cycle through the different modes. If you don’t see any lights on, just try pressing and holding and then it should work🙂.

I was amazed at how quickly a pest problem in the place I’ve been staying the last few weeks has been completely eliminated. I’ve had a bad moth and fly problem, about a moth a day enters this house, and the odd fly. But since turning this device on I’ve had nothing. I’ve tried 3 different hoont devices and moved them to different rooms to see if they all function the same and they do.

Something to be aware of but not scared of is the instructions do say that you can see an increase of pests in the first 2 weeks of using this device. This makes sense and did happen to me when some little weird insects started appearing from an old defunct electric heater that’s been on the wall. They were all vacuumed up in no time. It makes sense as the insects are so disturbed by the noise that the repeller makes that they are just rushing around trying to get away.

I really like this hoont possible more than the others because of the ability to select a function. I especially like the fact that I can select just the ionic technology. I grew up with some lung problems (am healthy now) and used to have an ionizer. Whether you believe they work or not, they do seem to make the air in the room feel clean and cool, and in fact while having this thing set just to ionic, I did find myself in a nice cool room in this warmer weather – it was very nice!

There is one more feature of this I forgot to mention and that is the night light which is a nice cool blue light that is on whenever you put this device on.

I’d recommend this pest eliminator to anyone with a pest problem. It’s a great way to get rid of all unwanted pests, without using nasty smelling sprays and other such things. It’s completely stopped all flies and moths from coming in, and I haven’t seen any other types of pests since either. Whether you use if all the time or just for those times when there are pests I think it’s well worth the money. And with the added ionic feature and the ability to just select that on its own, I’d really recommend this device to everyone! Just remember that this thing can’t go through walls so you’ll need a separate device for each room of your house.

WARNING: There is a warning that if you have any rodents as pets, rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. that you must not use this device in the same room with them. They will be affected by the high pitched noise and it will distress them (I guess the same goes for any pet stick insects, etc. too).

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


2 thoughts on “Review: Hoont Multi 4-in-1 Pest Repeller

  1. I turned the machine ON. It went through cycle of all 3 lights and then red light started flashing, got dim then it went off. Night light stayed on. I tried many time to hold the button for several minutes but nothing happened. Please help.

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    1. Sorry for being a little late to reply. I’m not sure why that happened. Maybe try unplugging it completely and then starting again? Does the red light ever flash, not fast but occasionally coming on? When I used it I di just press and hold for a while until it came on but I’m not sure what else can be done. If it still doesn’t work and you’ve tried short pressing it too, then you might need to return it (it could be a faulty version)I have you recently bought it? If so you could get a replacement or refund. Sorry I’m not sure what else to advise 😦


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