Review: Hoont 3-in-1 Pest Repeller


I was sent this pest repeller by Hoont for free for a review.

I’m actually amazed! I never thought a simple product could be so effective. I’ve always had the occasional pest problem, especially in the summer time but have really noticed an increase of pests while staying away from home for a few weeks. This place has a lot of moths and flies coming in through the windows and doors. I hate using all kinds of sprays and traditional repellents as I have sensitive lungs and just can’t stand the smell of a lot of them. But this device solves all my problems and doesn’t create a bad smell in the process!

This hoont pest repeller comes in a box with instuctions that are simple and very easy to understand. You just plug the device into any wall socket and turn on the switch. There are 2 lights that flash at different speeds. The green light indicates that the unltrasonic waves are being emitted. These are high frequency waves that are so high pitched humans can’t hear them but are annoying to insects and rodents.
The red light shows that the electromagnetic vibrations are working. They send vibrations through the wiring in your walls to disturb pests that could be nesting or breeding in walls.

There are 2 switches on either side of the plug. On the left you can turn the night light either on or off – when on it’s a lovely cool blue colour. The switch on the right is to set the ultrasonic frequency to either fixed or variable. This means the frequency of the sound can stay the same or constantly change to stop insects becoming immune (I didn’t think they could so I always left mine on variable to be safe).

I’ll be honest right now and say that I wasn’t sure it would work at first. But after having about a moth a day come into the house, I suddenly have nothing. And no flies either! It’s amazing but as soon as it’s plugged in and on it seems to have completely eliminated my pest problem. The
The instructions do state something which might scare some people – that it’s normal to see an increase in pests when you first use it. I wouldn’t worry though, I did notice a few little bugs crawling out from a defunct electric heater a while after I switched it on, but it makes sense, the insects are so freaked out by the noise they are trying to escape it, and they did, straight into a vacuum cleaner!🙂

I’ve only had this hoont for a week but it has already completely done it’s job, and with no harsh chemicals or unpleasant smells. And as a result I really would recommend this to anyone with a pest problem. Whether you choose to use it all the time or just save it for when there are pest problems, I would recommend this clever device to anyone. It does only cover the area of one room though so for different rooms you will need to get additional devices for each room.

WARNING: There is a warning if you have pet rodents, anything from pet rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. This WILL affect them so you musn’t use the device in the same room as a pet rodent…and I guess the same goes for a pet stick insect. But apart from that this device is safe for everyone/everything else.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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