Review: Eggsnow Delicates Laundry Bags (Pack of 5)


I was sent these laundry bags by Eggsnow for free for a review.

These laundry bags are really good quality. They come in a plastic re-sealable bag. Inside you get 3 flat net bags (large, medium and small) and two bra net bags (one large, one small) and a rubber band/ring.

I’ve used laundry bags like this before but these ones look good and have a good quality zip on them too. If you are unfamiliar with laundry net bags, what you do with them is put all your delicate items into them. Things that you wouldn’t really want bouncing around inside your washing machine because they’d either get crushed or get lost in the tangle of clothes that come out.

laundry-bags1 laundry-bags2

I’ve used the flat net bags for things such as socks, hair scrunchies and smaller things that I don’t want to lose, or which sometimes fall out of the washing machine onto the floor. And I’ve used the bra net bags for my bras. The flat bags come in three sizes and the largest bag is actually very large and could easily fit a jumper or something big like that. The small bra bag is very tall and can hold more than one bra in there, the bigger one for very large bras or even more space for more bras.

Both types of bags have felt the full force of my washing machine, with spin cycles and have even faced a commercial dryer on a low heat setting. I am happy to report that these laundry bags are very well made and haven’t fallen apart in the wash. The zips are good quality compared to some older laundry bags I own which had such tiny zips it was annoying to open and close them. But these have a much bigger zipper and the zip works well.
The bra bags are well protected with the top and bottom having a sort of stiff foam sewn into them to create and keep that circle shape, just perfect for keeping your bras safe in the wash.


Using the laundry bags is just like washing your clothes and they wash well and can take a commercial dryer (always harsher than home versions) on a low heat setting, although if you prefer you can always take your clothes out of the bags after spinning them and just dry out the bags somewhere. They are made of a synthetic material which really does dry in no time.

The rubber band that comes with them has been shown to keep the flat bags wrapped together You only get one rubber band in the pack though and I don’t personally use it for wrapping up my laundry bags as they lie flat in my house ready to be used. But you can use the rubber band for anything else, it’s even stiff enough to wear around your wrist, if you’d really want to🙂.

Overall this is a great set of laundry bags. Good quality and with a variety of sizes you’ll never face damaged or lost clothes again.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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