Review: eBoot Nylon Pipe Cleaning Brushes (Pack of 10)


I was sent these cleaning brushes by eBoot for free for a review.

This is a genius set of brushes. These brushes come in a brown box and are all kept together by being hooked onto a keyring. It’s the type of ring that you attach your keys to so when you need to use a brush you can detach it from the rest.


I have often needed to clean something with a small opening. I recently got a drinks flask, which has a small opening, a bit dirty and really needed to get in there with a long brush but most of the long brushes that are for cleaning are simply too big. I ended up getting a cleaning brush from the baby section of the supermarket, but this brush was still large due to the weird plastic ball it had that basically stopped the brush from going all the way through the small opening of my flask.
Well, with these brushes there is just no problems. Each of the ten brushes comes on a stainless steel wire which is very strong, although the smaller the brush head the thinner the steel. The thinnest brushes are really tiny and you can see how they’d be perfect for something with a small opening or a straw for example. The fact that the smallest brushes are bendable makes it ideal for cleaning into a straw or something similar as you can follow the curve of the straw (think more expensive straws not the disposable kind).


I love using this brush set, they really do clean things well and the range of sizes means you have a brush to suit everything. I can really recommend this set to anyone, whatever you need to use the brush for, you can’t go wrong with this set🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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