Review: Sterxy ‘Baby Monkey’ Velvet Cushion Cover (18×18 inches)


I was sent this cushion cover by Sterxy for free for a review.

This is such a sweet cushion cover! It comes in a re-sealable plastic bag. This cushion cover is nicely folded when it comes to you and it just feels like quality when I handle it.

monkey1 monkey2

The material is very thick and velvety. The zip is hidden so when you put the cushion inside you won’t have an annoying zip lining one side which can make for uncomfortable sitting. The zip also works well and doesn’t get stuck, unlike some cheaper cushion covers I’ve used. The velvety effect is far softer and thicker than I thought it would be, I’ve attempted to even take a picture of this though I’m not sure it’s visible. I’ve had items before that were velvet but they were never this soft.


The monkey picture is very cute and actually a richer yellow colour than the product image above. The colours are nice and vibrant and I can’t help but admire the cuteness of the image too.

The cushion is not only comfortable to sit with but also amazing to use as a pillow for my head thanks to the velvet softness of the material. It is very well sewn and I just cannot fault it.


I really sweet cushion cover I love using and can recommend.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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