Review: Zookki Cycling Gloves


I was sent these cycling gloves by Zookki for free for a review.

I’m not a big cyclist, a bit nervous cycling actually, but when I do cycle I suffer that inevitable – sweaty hands. Holding the handlebars and trying to wipe off the sweat while keeping a keen grip isn’t just annoying, it’s what makes me more nervous cycling as I just don’t have that great a grip. Well, with these gloves that’s all changed.

The gloves come in a nice zip pouch which can be used to store them in or can be used for another reason (as the images on the pouch show). The gloves themselves look very well made. They have a leaflet detailing all the different features and these features really do help make cycling easier for me🙂.
The main feature for me is the grip on the inside palm. The material has such an anti-slip grip that my hands just didn’t slip even a little while cycling. The gloves also have padded areas below each of the fingers and thumb and thick padding on the outside of the palm which is supposed to help absorb the shock of bumps. I didn’t think this would do much but I was very surprised with how much more comfortable they made cycling and working. I say working because although titled as cycling gloves there’s also a description of ‘tool gloves’ and I wanted to see if they helped me grip some garden tools easier. And they do! – I know it seems strange but I really like to test things.🙂

zooki-cycling-gloves1 zooki-cycling-gloves2

The gloves have some towelling material on the top of the thumb to wipe away sweat. On the inside of the palm there are two finger pulls which actually make taking the gloves off very easy. Everything about the make of these gloves just feels like quality and I really enjoyed wearing them.
The gloves weren’t quite a perfect fit for me but that was due to my hands being a bit smaller, but I have gotten somebody with the right sized hands to equally test out the gloves and they fit perfectly.

I’d recommend these gloves to anyone who enjoys cycling. Although I have no other cycling gloves to compare to, I don’t need to compare to see that these are quality made and just make you more confident when cycling. My only criticism is that they don’t have gloves that come in a small size, but other than that I think these gloves are great…I even love the brand new smell!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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