Review: ThorFire Bike Light


I was sent this bike light by ThorFire for free for a review.

Wow, you really do get a lot if you order this headlight. You get a very heavy brown box and inside is a lot of things. You get the headlight, taillight, battery pack, 3 plugs(adapters for different countries), instructions and attachments to get the light and battery fitted onto your bike.

Now the instructions are in English and contain a simple diagram but I have to say they are pretty basic. They do tell you what you need to know and are clear to understand, but there’s no information on the taillight and its features or exactly how to attach the light to your bike (I know most people would perhaps know but if you are new to cycling then perhaps not).

bike-light1 bike-light2

The headlight turns on by simply pressing the button on the top. There are 3 levels of brightness, starting out with the brightest and the last being a dim light. The bright light really is bright and really provides a lot of good light on a dark night. The headlight itself lights up either orange or blue on the back (as you would see it) when it is on. The orange light means it is not on a full battery and blue means it has a full battery. The dimmest light displays blue for a long time (I’ve never fully drained the battery yet so I wouldn’t know if it goes orange). There is also a strobe light if you press the button quickly twice. To turn off the light you press and hold.
The battery pack is attachable via the strap and it is the battery you charge rather than the headlight itself. Unfortunately I have no idea how long to charge the battery for as the battery doesn’t have an indicator and the adapter plug you use just always shines red when it is plugged into the mains and green when it is not.


Charging the battery can be done in any country that has either a UK, US or European plug fitting. You can also charge via usb. The charging cable (you are given two but I’ve only needed to use one) plugs into the cable coming from the battery. This cable has a usb end but if you’d prefer to charge via the mains then you put that cable into the us plug and then fit the us plug into the European or uk plug. I’ve left a picture of this for you to see how it connects.

The taillight needs 2 AAA batteries to operate which you have to provide for yourself. This light has two buttons, one called LED and the other LASER. The laser lights have two settings, the first is on and the second flashing, a third button press is off. The LED button has many modes from on, to flashing, flashing from side to side, etc. Pressing the button again and again will cycle through the different modes. There are 7 modes in total.


Overall what you get in this package is really great. I would have loved some more detailed instructions on how to attach the lights personally (I’m still pretty new to cycling and needed some help with attachments), and a battery indicator would be nice, but the quality of the items you get is really good. I am very impressed with just how bright the headlight is, it really can light up the darkness and makes me feel more secure in the late hours. I can recommend this headlight to anyone looking for one, It is a costly item but you do get what you pay and it does do a great job🙂.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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