Review: Mudder Foam Door Stoppers (Finger Pinch Guards)


I was sent these finger pinch door stoppers by Mudder for free for a review.

These are a clever idea. You get 3 big foam door stoppers in a plastic bag. Each door stopper is easily attached to the door itself and being foam has a little stretch around the ‘hole’ of the C shape so it will stretch onto any door. This is great as I as worried they might slide down the door, but they DO stay put.

The door stopper does leave quite a bit of space when the door is pulled shut. it’s not just a finger’s width of space but I can actually fit about 3 of my fingers in the gap of the door. This is great for baby safety of course, but I can also see my cat being very pleased with this design. She hates closed doors and will always make a lot of noise at them, but these door stoppers allow my doors to be almost shut but still has enough room for her to fit her paw in and pull the door open!

The foam door stoppers do stop the doors from banging shut, although they are not completely silent, just a lower sound of the door stopping.

These really are a great idea. They stay put until you want to remove them, and with their design they can easily hang on the door handle when you want to keep a door properly shut. I’d recommend these foam door stoppers to anyone with a baby (or a cat!) they are such a simple design and so great to use🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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