Review: Mudder Baby Monthly Holiday Stickers


I was sent these baby stickers by Mudder for free for a review.

These stickers are a great idea and something I wish had existed when I was a baby. The point of these stickers is to stick them onto your baby’s clothing just before you take a picture. That way you will know exactly how old your baby was during any photo or which holiday was being celebrated at the time a photo was taken.

blu1 blu2 blu3 blu4

There are 26 stickers, each with large enough pictures and text to be able to see in photos. The stickers cover the first 11 months of baby’s life plus a one year old sticker for girl or boy. There are other various holidays such as ‘my first…’ Halloween, St. Patrick’s day, July 4th, thanksgiving.
Unfortunately these stickers are made for the American market, having the holidays such as July 4th and thanksgiving, however considering the price and the fact they are re-usable I think they are still worth getting, particularly if you want to document in photos what age or what was happening when a picture was taken.


These stickers are of good quality and are a great idea especially if you plan on giving photos to friends and family. Overall I like them and you can even use them on pets (as long as you don’t stick the stickers on their fur).🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK ,click here


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