Review: Blulu Baby Monthly Milestone Stickers


I was sent these stickers by the seller Mudder UK for free for a review.

I really love these stickers! You get these stickers in a re-sealable plastic bag and they are just so great. The idea is that you stick this sticker on your baby before taking photos. Now, some people will love these while others might wonder what is the point, especially as we have camera’s that can record both dates and sometimes have messages you can write. Well, I’ll tell you why these are so great. Looking back at old baby photos of myself recently I can clearly see that I am 1 year old in the picture of me eating my chocolate birthday cake, but as far as the other baby photos? I just don’t know how many months old I was then. I could always ask my mum but she may not remember the exact month and besides, I’d like to know right away.

baby-stickers1 baby-stickers2

With these stickers parents can simply put the sticker on baby’s outfit and take a photo. Everyone seeing that photo will instantly know how old baby is or what special day it is when you are taking the photo!


There are 26 stickers in total, and each of them is big enough to be seen on the photo easily. There are 11 stickers for each month of baby’s first year. Then there are two 1st birthday stickers one blue and one pink. There are stickers celebrating certain days or times of the year, baby’s first: valentine’s day, all fool’s day, mother’s day, fathers day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, children’s day, new year and thanksgiving. These obviously celebrate a lot of American holidays but most are celebrated here in the uk too. There are also two stickers to mark the coming of baby: it’s a boy and it’s a girl; plus the final sticker simply called ‘coming soon’. I assume the last one would be stuck on mum’s baby bump.🙂


All these stickers look so fun and are a fun and perfect idea for new parents. Imagine all those years later, looking back through old photos, even the baby as an adult looking back, knowing exactly how old baby was and what perfect day was being celebrated. These are a perfect thing to get for yourself or even as a small gift for someone. And if you haven’t got a baby, you could always stick these on your pet too (their outfit of course – I would never endorse sticking this onto their fur) to show your pet’s first xmas, birthday, etc.🙂


Some great stickers I can really recommend!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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