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Review: TheFitBelt Running Belt with Bonus eBook & Laces


I was sent this running belt by TheFitBelt for free for a review.

The Fit Belt is the most comfortable running belt I have tried to date! The belt comes in its packaging along with special locking laces for your trainers. The belt has two pockets, one bigger than the other, both are made from a very soft material and can really stretch to accommodate whatever you put in them. As well as that there are two loops on the side to fit other items.
The belt has a traditional plastic buckle which doesn’t annoy me at all while I run. It is adjustable on either side of the buckle so you can really get a good fit whatever your size.

I’ve tried a few running belts recently and I have to say that I didn’t think I would find one that is really comfortable for me, but the fit belt really is! It fits perfectly around my waist and doesn’t bounce up and down like other belt do, it also is very comfortable where the pockets are and I’m surprised how all the things I keep in the belt didn’t bother me or press against me too much. The belt just feels really great to wear and the fact I had the choice of added pink zips makes it all the better for me🙂.

fitbelt1 fitbelt2

Along with the belt you also get special locking laces, which you put into your trainers like normal ones but then use the little plastic pieces to lock the laces in place. You also get a free ebook which I found really useful to read. It has lots of tips and info about running, how to stay hydrated, some stretches to get started as well as some recipes and tips on how to do distance running, all great and valuable for those new to running.

Overall I can really recommend this running belt to anyone looking for one. So far it is the best for comfort and with the bonus added extras it is great value for money. A great item I can recommend.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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