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Review: StarwoodSports Speed Skipping Rope


I was sent this speed skipping rope by Starwood Sports for free for a review.

I’ve never tried a speed skipping rope before and didn’t know what to think when I first tried this rope, but all I can say after using this is..wow! The skipping rope comes with instructions on how to adjust the length and a nice drawstring bag to keep your skipping rope in. The instructions for adjusting the rope are straight forward but different to other skipping ropes I’ve tried. You have both handles at one end of the long rope to start with and the first thing to do is to get each handle on either side of the rope. Then you have to unscrew the screw and adjust the rope (the instructions make more sense than I do here!) but although it looks like an actual screw, I was able to adjust this easily with just my hand.
Once you have adjusted the rope you have to cut off the ends with some wire cutters or something similar. Then you are ready to go!

The first thing I noticed about this skipping rope is that the way the handles move is very different from a traditional skipping rope. I’ve tried a rope one before and also tested out ones with foam ropes and in those skipping ropes the handles are stiffer to move. The rope rotates but there is a stiffness that doesn’t exist with this speed rope. With this one the handles just move around so much and are able to slide up and down the rope to give a smooth and fluid skip.

starwood-skipping-rope1 starwood-skipping-rope2

I started off with some traditional skipping but as soon as I tried to do more intense skipping I was really impressed that this just kept up. With the other ropes I tried it was quite a struggle to get the rope to keep up with the number of skips I wanted to do, but this rope just did it. The fact that there were no kinks in the rope was a real bonus too! The rope was really able to keep up with the pace I wanted to set. I am still quite new to skipping, and although I now love doing it I never, as an adult, tried skipping where your arms crossover for one skip – something about being severely hurt when trying this as a child led to a minor fear of this movement – and every time I’ve tried doing this move now with a foam skipping rope I found it quite tough, but this one was so simple and easy and I’ve really ramped up my workouts!

I’ve only had this skipping rope for a short time but I’ve used it everyday. I enjoy skipping even more than I did before! If you are struggling with a skipping rope then I’d recommend getting this one. Its so nice to use, I love the noise it makes as it cuts through the air. I can’t get across how great the smooth movement of the handles on the rope is, it really makes skipping so easy as you really don’t move your wrists much at all. The rope can give a slight nip if it hits you mid-skip and I’ll admit being a cable rope I thought this would really hurt but it doesn’t, at least no more than any other rope.
This really is a great product I can really recommend!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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