Review: NordicLifting Kinesiology Tape (pack of 2)


I was sent this kinesiology tape by Nordic Lifting for free for a review.

This kinesiology tape comes in its box which already has some key information on it and inside you get two roles of tape, one in black and another in skin tone (like most plasters) along with an instruction booklet. The instructions are in English and are very easy to understand. They properly explain the details of how to use the tape which is great if like me you’ve never tried kinesiology tape before.
The instructions detail how to strap up shin splints, lower back, neck, shoulder and knee. Each area has key diagrams that show you exactly how to strap up and it’s all very easy to understand. There are of course other areas you can strap which you can find information on by searching the web.

The tape itself is very easy to use. It is a stretchy material and you have to not only place it in the right places but stretch it in the right places too. I did try strapping a few places that give me trouble during my work outs and I have to say that I did feel the support. It wasn’t as much support as I had hoped but I do believe this is more to do with my technique of strapping rather than the tape itself.


After trying again and again my technique for applying the tape is getting better and I do feel the support for my muscles. The tape had no problems staying on my skin and was very comfortable to wear (I actually forgot about it).

However, the tape is so well stuck on that removing it for me is a bit difficult each time. There is advice in the instructions to use some baby oil to help make it easier but this tape is still stuck on so well that you really have to take it off very slowly or risk pulling your skin off with it. After using the tape I suffered a bit of irritation where it had been stuck on, but this only seemed to last for a couple of hours after removing the tape and I suffer no real side effects.

So, overall I can recommend this tape to anyone looking for some kinesiology tape. I cannot guarantee it will work on everyone, as it depends on your individual injury or problem but for me I do feel some support in my muscles and it is getting better as my strapping technique improves:). And I haven’t tried it as a method of injury recovery so I cannot comment on that, but overall I do like using it and am seeing the benefits.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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