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Review: Mudder Body Fat Testing Kit


I was sent this body fat testing kit by Mudder for free for a review.

This body fat testing kit comes in a re-sealable plastic bag. Inside the kit you get a measuring tape, plastic calipers and instructions which include a chart. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand. There are diagrams explaining how to use the calipers and a body fat chart on the other side of the instructions explaining how much body fat you have according to the caliper reading and your age and gender.

Using this body fat testing set is easy and the measuring tape is just great. The tape measure is a very clever device. As you pull the tape out it will stay out of the black section until you press the button next to the word mudder. At this point the measuring tape will retract. You will notice when you look at the tape measure that it doesn’t begin at the number zero. This is because you are meant to put the tape measure around your body (waist, arm, hips etc) and hook the black plastic end into the base – I’ve taken pictures of this to show you. The tape measure holder acts as part of the total tape measure and once you’ve wrapped this around you and hooked in the end the idea is that you press the button until it tightens around you. This makes measuring your own body easy without the need of another person.

body-fat1 body-fat2

Using the black plastic calipers is easy too. The instructions are very clear on how to pinch the skin above your hip and then push the calipers together until all the arrows align. It’s a bit tricky at first especially as the plastic section with the word PRESS on it sometimes didn’t want to align without you holding the calipers straight and reading the numbers isn’t that easy to do on yourself as they are very small to see and the angle can be awkward but overall after a couple of tries I managed it and it gets easier🙂.

Overall I really can recommend these. For under £5 this is a great kit to have and as somebody who has gone through weight loss and also plateaued at times, it’s ideal in tracking whether it is actually fat you are losing/gaining.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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