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Review: IPow Patellar Tendon Knee Support Straps


I was sent these knee support straps by IPow for free for a review.

I’m not sure if I’m wearing these supports the right way or not, but for some reason I’m just not able to achieve the support everyone else seems to be getting. I do a lot of exercising and one of the downsides is that sometimes I suffer knee pain, so I was excited to try out a pair of knee supports which I thought would really help me feel some relief. But after trying these out for a while I only felt some relief at the beginning of wearing them and they just weren’t as comfortable as I had hoped.

You get two knee supports for your money. They come in a plastic bag but with no instructions on how to strap them on or any other advice. The supports look very well made though and don’t look like they’d fall apart easily.

I used the pictures here as a guide on how to strap them on, but in the end I tried all sots of techniques, first strapping one side then the other, pulling both straps at the same time, tightening them more, tightening them less, etc. Initially I did feel some good support for the knee and I don’t dispute that they do work in providing that support right under the knee, but the more I found I wore them the more the effect started to wear off. If seemed the more I moved around while wearing these the more uncomfortable they felt.
The straps Velcro round the back of your leg but this Velcro is very thick and as a result, bending my knee for any reason became a bit painful. I also noticed that the straps had the feeling of slipping down. When I inspected them they hadn’t but I couldn’t help get the feeling that they were slowly slipping down my leg, and perhaps for that reason I’d be more suited to a full knee support rather than one that’s worn below the knee.

Whatever my reasons I just couldn’t get the best fit out of these straps. But that isn’t to say that you wouldn’t! Plenty of people here seem to have managed very well with these knee supports and perhaps again I am still strapping them on wrong? Without clear instructions I simply don’t know if it is my mistake of the strap’s. I also haven’t ruled out that perhaps my particular knee pain may be caused by another reason and not one where supporting the patellar is helpful…

Whatever the reason I’m currently giving these straps a 3 star neutral review. While they didn’t work for me, they still look like a quality product and to get 2 for the price is a really great deal, and plenty of people may well benefit from such supports. (I will keep you updated as I re-try these straps again and again. If it turns out they do work well for me after all I will reflect this in my review – but for now they haven’t).

EDIT: On a further re-trial I have managed to strap them on correctly (not sure I was doing it right before) and they do indeed give support for the patellar however the straps at the back are still bulky and still make them uncomfortable for me to do any kind of knee bending.

Rating: 3/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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