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Review: HomeTreats Body Fat, Hydration, Muscle + Bone Mass Bathroom Scale


I was sent this body bathroom scale by Home Treats for free for a review.

This bathroom scale is a wonderful thing to have if like me you are health conscious. I’ve spent years weighing myself with scales but never had the opportunity to analyse how much fat, muscle, water, etc I have in my body. This scale can do that, and this circle version does it well.

The scale comes in a plain brown box and be very careful as it is made from glass and is very heavy. The scale inside the box is well packaged and comes with an instruction booklet. The booklet is entirely in English and is very well written with diagrams and lots of information on what the different results are and how important each thing is and what the average number is. For example when it comes to body fat there is information on why it is important to the body and then a chart showing where your results should be according to your age and gender.
The instructions go through everything about how to use the scales too, it is both quick and easy to understand everything.

The scale itself comes with 2 CR2032 batteries already pre-installed, but you will have to remove the little plastic tag in order to start them working. I had to remove the battery cover to do this. As soon as you start the batteries working, you should notice a button some way up on the back of the scale. If you turn the scale over right after the batteries are inserted/tag removed you will see the scale’s LCD display is on and it is working in kg. The button on the back of the scale changes what you want to weigh yourself in, kg, pounds or stones and pounds. After you have set this the scale will always start weighing in your preferred unit.

The next thing you have to do is set the scale. You will notice straight away just how lovely the scale looks, and how there is no on/off button or anything like that. The scale turns on and off by itself automatically. As soon as you step on the scale for a moment it registers the pressure and switches on, and within half a minute or a minute after no input from you the scale switches off.
Setting the scale makes it sure it can register you correctly. Just like you would press down on traditional kitchen scale, this scale is just the same. You just push a foot onto it until the numbers start going up then quickly get off. Now the scale is set and you can use it!

If you want to just do a simple weight measurement you can stand on the scale and it will measure your weight. However if you want to do a more detailed measurement you will need to get your feet bare as the metal parts of the scale need contact with skin in order to properly analyse you.
BUT, before you do that you first have to set which user you are. Pressing the set button rather than standing on the scale starts up the memory and you can select from one of eight user profiles. There are arrow buttons up and down next to the set button (all touch buttons, not the type you depress) and select, for example P1, then you set your height, age and gender. When it comes to gender there are four options, not only male and female but male athlete and female athlete. Athletes are defined as those doing 12+hours of exercise a week and have a resting heart rate of 60beats per minute or less.

After you select your settings you just stand on the scale and wait a few seconds. Make sure you make proper contact with the metal parts of the scale and then the scale will show your weight on the top and then one by one will highlight body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass, followed by finally your BMI.

The results will repeat 3 times giving you enough time to get a pen and paper and quickly write it down. One big disappointment for me is that despite a memory function to keep track of the different profiles, this scale cannot give you back your previous results. Having used devices such as blood sugar and blood pressure monitors I sort of expected to be able to recall at least the last result, particularly if I didn’t quite get to write them all down in time. But this scale doesn’t have that memory feature so if you miss your results the only thing you can do is step on it again.

The scale looks really lovely, very classy. The design is very sleek and I prefer this design to another square scale I tried. The scale is also quite large and weighty but this for me is a good thing. The display is also very large which is a bonus as I have used scales before where I either had to squint or bend down to see the result.

Whether this scale is completely accurate I cannot be 100% sure. it certainly seems to give good readings when I tried it. The body fat and muscle mass were in the normal range which seems about right for me and my body water seemed normal too. The bone mass was a touch higher than average but I put that down to the amount of good strength training I do which should help with that. The BMI reading was also spot on. There is a chart in the back of the booklet that shows you where your BMI is, whether in the normal,, overweight or obese range, and having compared it to the chart (and to wii fit) the reading seems to be very accurate.

So, I can recommend this round/circle scale to anyone interested in one. I really enjoy using it and I think it is a great item for anyone who wants to be more health aware, especially after the xmas season when so many of us want to start getting fit again. It really is a lovely product🙂.

Rating: 5/5

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