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Review: Firhealth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


I was sent this wrist blood pressure monitor for free for a review.

This is a clever blood pressure monitor that makes a great alternative to the traditional arm cuff type. It comes in its own colourful box. Inside the box the blood pressure monitor is inside a hard white plastic case and is wrapped in bubble wrap inside that. There is an instruction booklet that comes only in English but it is very easy to understand and there are diagrams and information not only of the basic usage of the device but also about blood pressure itself. There is a chart to show you where the normal range of blood pressure is.

bloodwrist1 bloodwrist4

Using the blood pressure monitor is easy. I’ve owned a blood pressure monitor for many years, being diabetic and also somebody who suffers from low blood pressure I often like to check that everything’s alright. Using the cuff on arm style blood pressure monitor works well, but it is far easier to use this small device as it takes up less room, is easier with no fiddly cables and is great as a portable monitor for those that feel they want to check their pressure elsewhere other than home.


To use it you first have to insert 2 AAA batteries into the compartment which is accessed on the left of the device. The instructions explain just how to set the memory feature. First you have to set the date and time. After that you can start checking your blood pressure. You can have up to two people’s data saved. You can look back on previous results by simply pressing the MEM button and then repeatedly press it for the next result back. You test your blood pressure you need to press the START/STOP button. First though you will need to fit the cuff around your wrist. The cuff is naturally curved already with a long extra section that you Velcro tighten around your wrist. There’s a lot of extra cuff.
This part of the blood pressure monitor is the trickiest to get right. While a wrist monitor is easier to use it is also easier to fit it wrongly and get a wrong reading. Don’t rush putting this on and follow all the guidance in the instruction booklet. The first readings I got were all too low for what I am used to. It turns out I had the wrist cuff too close to my hand and then not wrapped properly around my wrist.
Once you get used to it is easier to do, but this is the only reason I drop a start for this item.


The reading you get is both your blood pressure result plus your pulse rate. The display appears with a green backlight making it easy to read and the numbers are also nice and clear.
Overall this is a great item and very portable, but you have to be aware that fitting it wrongly on your wrist can lead to false readings.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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