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Review: Eggsnow Running Belt with Free Headband


I was sent this running belt by Eggsnow for free for a review.

This is a great running belt. The Eggsnow running belt comes with the free headband in a plastic sealed bag. The belt itself is very thick, in fact a lot thicker around the back, where the buckle is, than I had first thought it would be. The belt has two holes around the front. These two holes form pockets, 3 in total where you can slide in your valuable items such as your phone or some money, or whatever small things you need with you when you run. There is also a key clip inside one of the pockets so you can feel safe that your keys wont fall out.
The material around the front is very stretchy but also nice and tight when it hasn’t been stretched, and despite always being wary of anything without sealable pockets, I’m very happy to report that nothing fell out while I went running with this belt. And nothing felt bulky near the side that touches my waist either.

eggsnow-belt1 eggsnow-belt2

The belt, as I said, has a very thick strap, like the type you see on rucksacks, and has the same plastic ‘buckle’ for closing it as most rucksacks. Seeing the size of this belt and fastener I was initially worried it would feel too thick too heavy and just be an irritation around the back, but I have to say that from the minute I put the belt on, to the minute I took it off it was very comfortable. It seemed very soft and comfortable and the fastener? I didn’t seem to feel it at all!

The belt is adjustable to different waist sizes and preferences but does have a limit and I wouldn’t say it would be comfortable for larger people, unless you don’t mind something incredibly tight around your waist.

The headband that comes with the belt is made of the same soft and stretchy material that the front of the belt has. Inside the headband there is a sticky/rubbery sort of material on the grey that helps stop the headband from moving at all while you wear it. Unfortunately for me personally I wasn’t too happy with the size of the headband as it felt incredibly tight around my head, despite not having a big head.


Overall I can recommend this running belt. It has a lovely orange colour, it is incredibly comfortable on the waist and doesn’t move around or fold up like some other running belts I’ve tried. And with a free, albeit a bit tight, headband thrown in I still think its an excellent item to take with you when you run or do other outdoor activities🙂.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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