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Review: Camry Digital Hand Strength Tester


I was sent this digital hand strength tester by Camry for free for a review.

I’ll be honest, when I first saw this device I wasn’t exactly sure whether I could benefit from it, but amazingly I really have. A digital hand dynamometer is great at testing the strength of your grip in your hands. So why, some may ask, would you need this device? Well the simple answer is that it can really show you if something is wrong and help you if you are trying to build up your grip strength. I’ll explain more but first I’ll just explain what you get when you unpack this device.

For a start there is a very nice sturdy box and as you can see from the pictures below you get the dynamometer along with it’s instructions packaged in a lovely box. They’ve really taken care in creating the lining in the box for the device, it already feels like quality before you’ve even used it.

The instructions are very easy to read and understand. There isn’t a lot of writing, instead opting for diagrams and flow charts of instructions which are so much easier to understand. The dynamometer itself DOES come with batteries, 2 AAA. They are already placed inside the battery compartment and you have to pull out the little plastic tag which is protecting the battery from making a connection before you use it. For me they still didn’t work and I had to resort to an old trick of removing the batteries and swapping them with each other and then it worked perfectly fine.🙂

dyno1 dyno2

As soon as you turn the on button you can set a profile (or select one you have previously created). Profiles are numbered, then you select your age, gender and then you get on with the test by pressing start. Having a profile helps determine whether your grip is weak, normal or strong for someone of your age and gender. To test all you have to do is hold the device as the pictures show and use as much strength as you have to squeeze the white central part to the rest of your hand. This is basically like squeezing a stress ball, just holding this device instead.
The metal knob in the centre can be turned one way or another to adjust for different hand sizes, so if you believe you would have a good grip but are getting a weak result (like I did at first) then adjust the size to make it easier to grip. Your fingers should be able to hook around easily and your palm shouldn’t be too stretched to get a good normal reading.

When I finally adjusted it to the most comfortable position, a small hand size for my small hands, I got a normal reading of grip in one of my hands but I was amazed and impressed that this dynamometer actually picked up on a slight finger injury I have and I found my grip to be about 3-4kg less in my other hand, leading to a weak result.

I was both amazed and impressed with how accurate this device was at seeing that my grip wasn’t so good in my dominant hand. I’d suffered a swollen finger for some time which has led to my grip of bottle tops and other things being less than it used to be and this hand dynamometer was able to see that lesser strength of grip and it’s true I DO have a weak grip. So this is exactly why this device is so good.

Whether you have a temporary injury like me or suffer from something long term which affects your hand grip, this device is a good way to keep track of how your grip is doing on any day. You can save your results and compare them with previous results, the results from the grip test are instant. You could even save two files, one for each hand if you wish.
This digital hand dynamometer is also good for athletes, or those into fitness. It’s especially good if you want to track your muscle training and hand dynamometers are actually used by athletes, tennis players and the like (I read up on it online).

I’d recommend the Camry digital hand dynamometer to anyone wanting to track their hand grip. It’s good at showing you if you have problems, how your training is going, and if you’ve never done a grip test before (like me before using this device) it’s also a good work out for your lower arms – I have the slight muscle twinges from over using it the day I opened it🙂. It really is a great device and works, and feels comfortable when using too. -Any discomfort you might feel is probably due to the setting being for a bigger hand size so try changing that if you feel discomfort. I’m going to be using this little device all the time now to see if/how my hand is improving and hopefully soon will see both hands have the same grip strength again!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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