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Review: BuyFun Foam Hula Hoop


I was sent this foam hula hoop by BuyFun for free for a review.

This hula hoop comes in pieces in its box which has a lot of information on the outside although some of it doesn’t make sense.

The hula hoop pieces are all very easy to put together and have a plastic section that sticks out at one end with a push button. Simply take this section with the button and push the button in slightly and just slot the piece into the other until you hear a click. The two pieces are then stuck together and won’t come apart until you are ready to disassemble your hoop. Doing this is easy too. The place where this push button is in, is marked by a logo on each section of hoop. Simply push this logo section and then pull apart the two pieces. It’s very easy and doesn’t take long to put together or take apart🙂.

Once you’ve put the hoop together the one thing you’ll realise is just how large and how heavy it is. The diameter of the hoop is larger than I imagined it would be and it is heavier than a plastic hoop.
Rather than plastic, this hoop has a foam padding all around and the reason for the term ‘massage hoop’ on the box must come from the fact that the inner part of the hoop that would touch your skin has inward curves around it that would ‘massage’ your body as it goes around.

I’ve never been able to hula hoop as a child. I didn’t try it much and when I did the hoop just always sank to the ground with one or two revolutions. I’ve never tried hula hooping since, except as an exercise on the wii fit where I learned how to turn my body the right way. So, with the wii fit training in mind I tried again for the first time with this hoop and it’s amazing! I am able to hula hoop!

The weight of the hoop, the diameter and the curved bits didn’t bother me and the hoop even went up my body towards my chest as I hooped. I’m not sure if the weight of the hula hoop helped but I am really able to hula hoop with only the odd mistake. Now, I have trained the muscles in my waist quite a lot already, so this might be adding to my ability to hula hoop but the exercise of this particular hoop has led to my muscles getting even tighter and it’s just a great exercise to do for anyone.

I wouldn’t recommend this to smaller kids due to its size and weight but certainly for any teens and adults wanting to get fit I can recommend this hoop. I really didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I have, but hula hooping with this thing has just put such a smile on my face!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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