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Review: AlphaAlthletica Calf Compression Sleeves


I was sent these calf compression sleeves by Alpha Athletica for free for a review.

It sounds silly but I’ve been reluctant to try compression sleeves after trying some bad compression socks in the past. But these are so amazing they really are great! You get a pair of lovely blue compression sleeves in a small box.

Putting on the compression sleeves is very easy and I didn’t struggle at all. Being compression sleeves they are of course tight – they are meant to be- but they are very comfortable once you have them on and I soon forgot I was wearing them and they felt no different on the skin than to wearing long socks. But socks they are not and the effect they have on my legs is amazing! I’ve loved doing serious exercising and sports for some time now, I especially do a lot of intensive jumping and side sliding (bit like track skaters do) but despite loving my workouts I can never do as many jumps and anything that affects the muscles in my calf because I am prone to pulling the muscles in both legs. It’s actually been a problem that has stopped me being able to work out as much as I’d like. But that has all changed now thanks to these compression sleeves :)!

After putting them on and starting my regular work out routine I was amazed at just how easy it was for me to do all the jumps, side slides, etc and just how many MORE I could do. In fact wearing these sleeves has made such movement so easy that I’ve really been able to up the intensity of my workouts and perform better in sports!
These calf sleeves have been so good for my workouts because they support my calves and just stop me pulling those muscles which for some reason I am prone to doing. The sleeves have done such a good job that I can’t face working out without them now!

These sleeves are great at preventing an injury. They would also make great compression sleeves for the next time I sit for hours in a plane. I actually prefer them to compression socks as the socks have always felt horrible around my ankles, so if you have don’t like that tightness around your foot you might think about getting these.

I can really recommend these sleeves to anyone looking for compression sleeves or socks. They are so comfortable, you get two in the packet and given their current price a great bargain given the effect on your legs! I really do love them!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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