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Review: StarwoodSports Resistance Bands


I was sent these resistance bands by Starwood Sports for fee for a review.

I love exercising and these resistance loop bands are so great at toning muscles for a great cost. These resistance bands come in a small drawstring bag along with instructions. Inside the bag there are 4 bands of different strengths folded nicely making carrying them around so easy and great.

resistance-bands-starwood1 resistance-bands-starwood2

The different bands are all different colours to show what strengths they are. The first and easiest to work with is the green band, the next is a medium blue, then heavy red and extra heavy black. If you are new to resistance bands then always start with the light band and work your way up.
The instructions that come with the loop bands are so easy to read and really give you some good exercise tips and some great exercises to do. It’s actually a better set of instructions that another set of loop bands I’ve tried.

I really do like using these. They are able to stretch to a good length and again are better than another set of bands I’ve tried which didn’t stretch that much. The green band is great to use if you are new to exercise or for me I have tried using it with yoga which makes the gentle stretches that bit more challenging. I personally have moved onto the blue loop band for other training and have tried out the red too and am thoroughly enjoying the effect it has on toning my muscles. I do lots of different forms of exercising but these loop band have really hit new muscles that I didn’t know I had. I have personally invented some new exercises to do with these loop bands as I am very sporty and used to exercising, but the instructions warn you not to and I’d advise the same if you are new to exercise or unsure how far to push yourself.

3 4

I’d really recommend these loop bands to anyone who wants to get some muscle toning and do some simple exercises for little strain and money. The fact there are 4 different bands makes them even better value for money as you will spend a long time working your way up to the strongest strength (if you want to that is) and the bands themselves are very durable and you can really take them anywhere with you. A great way to start getting fit at a great price!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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