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Review: SmarterTrend Resistance Bands


I was send these resistance bands by Smarter Trend for free for a review.

I love exercising and these loop bands have helped me to tone muscles I didn’t know I had! These loop bands come in a simple drawstring bag. Each one is individually packed in plastic and also come with a small leaflet of exercises you can do with them and a thank you card.

I’ve never used loop bands before but I do enjoy exercising so I was excited to try these. There are 3 different coloured loop bands, each with a different strength, green is mild, blue medium and red is heavy. Straight away I noticed the difference between the green and the other 2 bands, it’s a much thinner band and therefore easier to stretch.

So, I didn’t really know what sort of exercises to do with these bands so it’s great to have them in a small little leaflet. The leaflet is very easy to understand (I’ve left pictures below of it) and the same exercises appear on either side of the leaflet. I’d always advise anybody, even those who are very fit, to try working with the mild band first, to get a feel for it.

The bands are quite tight. When not stretched my legs really had to be tight together and because of this I wasn’t not sure that all the exercises were truly possible like the first one in the leaflet called ‘static high knees’. The bands really have a stretch to them though and you don’t have to be afraid of them breaking if you really stretch them, but just be aware they may not stretch as far as the pictures show (either that or I’m not trying hard enough!). I’d also say that for first time users just be aware of using them on bare skin, they don’t hurt or anything but it does feel a bit like having a rubber band stretching along the skin. I was afraid it would chafe the skin, but thankfully it was just a feeling and no marks or damage was done:)!

resistence-bands-smarter-trend-pic-1 resistence-bands-smarter-trend-pic-2

I’ve only been using the mild green band for various exercises and I’m already noticing a difference in my body. The exercises listed in the leaflet is a great start and I’ve already gone on to find others I can do, or invent my own – only do this though if you are confident, I don’t want anyone to have an accident inventing their own exercises.
The great thing about the loop bands is that it’s resistance training but you don’t push yourself more than you are comfortable with. Picking up a heavy weight can lead to damaging your muscles if you aren’t ready and is certainly not good for the back if you suffer any kind of back pain as I do, but I’ve not had these issues with the loop bands. I’ve really felt my muscles harden and get toned without more strain than I’m comfortable with.
I’ve given the medium and heavy bands a try although for me the mild one is more than enough at the moment🙂. They are tighter to put on than the mild band and the thicker band really pushes up the resistance you feel.

I’d really recommend these loop bands to anyone who wants to do some resistance training but doesn’t want to bother with heavy weights or doesn’t have much time to dedicate to a workout or indeed anyone who is new to exercise and just wants to try some resistance training. These bands are so small it’s so easy to take them with you wherever you go, the bag is a convenient little holder and they are so lightweight they can fit in almost any bag. I’ve become more toned in just the first week of using them and I have to say that I’m just loving using them. I can’t get enough! I really enjoy exercising already, as I said, but there’s something so fun and convenient about these bands that I just really love using them and I’d really recommend them.

Rating: 5/5

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