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Review: SenshiFitness Hand Grip Strengthener with 3 bonus eBooks


I was sent this hand grip strengthener bu Senshi Fitness for free for a review.

This hand grip strengthener comes in nice looking packaging you’ll have to cut open, with some information on the back. You also get 3 ebooks: The Ultimate Guide to Grip Strength, Flexible Dieting and Mindset Mastery.

The grip stregthener is very easy to use and isn’t too big for someone with smaller hands like me. There’s a rubber material where your palm and fingers hold the stregethner and this is perfect as it just doesn’t move out of my hand, even with slightly sweaty hands. You will notice on one side the numbers 40kg to 10kg. The bottom of the spring coil is attached to the stregthener, above these numbers, and where the coil ends is what strength you currently have it set on. You can adjust the strength by turning the red cap either anticlockwise for a looser and lighter strength, or turn it all the way up to a maximum of 40kg by turning it clockwise. Turning the cap clockwise though is a bit tricky and stiff so it takes some time. As you turn it up you’ll see the stregthener expanding a bit making gripping for me at the highest level more tricky but still possible.

handgrip1 handgrip2

I didn’t think I needed to use a hand grip stregthener until I realised my grip was so bad when I tried to lift a set of heavier weights during my work out. My wrists and hands felt really weak, a definite reason to use this. I now use the hand stregthener nearly every day. It’s easy to use and the ebook even advises to do this during another activity such as watching tv or walking. Easy and it really makes a difference to my grip and how my hands and forearms feel.

The ebook about grip strength is very short but I found it useful in explaining why this product is so useful and how often to do it.
The Flexible Dieting book is great for anyone who wants to lose weight and eat well for life. The book is simple and easy to read with pages about flexible rather than strict fad diets and lots of information about how to eat well, how work out how much to eat, info on proteins, carbohydrates, etc. A good read for anyone fed up of restricting themselves with traditional diets.
The last book Mindset Mastery is about how to reach your goals. I found this a great an inspirational read as the goals can be more than just mere exercise based. This ebook is a great self-help book about achieving your dreams and it’s worth the read and I’m amazed that such a book is free! There is a use of the s swear word though, so be aware of that for those that read these books.


Overall I really like this product. When I first used the stregthener the springs made a bit of a noise but with regular use this has actually stopped and using it is so easy and comfortable, in fact the only thing I find a bit tricky is increasing the strength on this. The free ebooks included make this an amazing product to buy and I would recommend it to anyone interested.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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