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Review: KylinSport Pull Up Resistance Band


I was sent this resistance band I nthe red option, by Kylin Sport for free for a review.

I was cautious with which size of band to get and eventually opted for the ‘safe’ option and went for red although I know I can handle more resistance. The band comes in a plastic bag and with nothing else. Not instructions or little exercises that you can do which is a bit disappointing if you haven’t used a resistance band before.

The band is different to others I’ve reviewed before which have always been the type that you put around your legs and then stretch. This is the type of band I actually prefer as you can really do more of a body work out. The band is very thick and because of this is very comfortable to hold.
Because there is no leaflet of any kind supplied with different exercises you can do, you will have to look up various things on the internet, or if like me you are more confident and experienced you can invent you own. I’ve used this band by standing on it and doing bicep curls. I’ve stretched it from feet to hands working both my legs or my hands, depending on which way up I am sitting/crouching. There really are a lot of different exercises and I’d advise you to try looking them up🙂.

This band in red has a good resistance despite being the easiest of all the bands to use. It still gives more than enough resistance that you feel your muscles working. Even if you are used to weight training, something about the band and the constant resistance it has, even if you relax your arms or legs, helped build up my muscles more than just standard weights.

This band is a great thing to have especially if you are new to exercising and want to try out some resistance training. The band (especially the red one I’ve tried) is more than enough for a beginner and really does help to build up your muscles and is far easier and safer than training with weights. The band also takes up a lot less space than weights do :)!

I’d really recommend these resistance bands to anyone wanting to try this form of exercise. The red one I have tried is great for beginners and also for extra strength training in things like yoga and pilates. The band itself is nice and easy to hold and doesn’t seem to have any issues for me at all, except that I would not recommend using it against bare skin…It is like a rubber band on skin. But overall, I can really recommend this :)!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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