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Review: Nikkouware Julienne Peeler


I was sent this julienne peeler by Nikkouware for free for a review.

I’ll first discuss the peeler and then the julienne functions:

When I first saw this peeler, I’ll be honest, I though a peeler is just a peeler, but how wrong I was! I’ve always gone and bought the relatively cheap peelers on the market. They do the job and I never saw the point of buying a more expensive peeler. However after using this peeler just one day I can see how different it is.

The job of peeling vegetables has always been something I hate. When I was a teenager I couldn’t peel like my mum did (with a knife), it scared me. I developed a bit of a phobia of cutting myself badly on a blade when I was a kid – I won’t go into details. Peeling vegetables was only ever do-able with a peeler. But I still suffered a bit of a phobia with peeling, especially as the peeler seemed to jerk every time I use it (something about being left handed perhaps). I basically got used to this method of peeling and have been using a ‘jerking’ peeler ever since. I’ve always used peelers that were quite cheap and plastic and peeling has just felt like the chore before the fun of cooking. But not now!🙂

I took this peeler and with one swipe across a carrot it just glided. It actually feels like gliding through butter. The whole chore of peeling has suddenly been eliminated. There is no longer the jerking motion I mention, and no longer a need to use any effort to peel my vegetables. I actually enjoyed using this peeler so much I ended up peeling enough vegetables for 4 days!

The peeler allows you to go as fast or as slow as you like. You really feel the control, whereas before with the old and cheap plastic peeler I would have to put some real effort into peeling, and have to do it faster (slow peeling just made the peeler get stuck in the vegetable).

There are of course two sides of this peeler and the julienne one is a dream. I enjoy something I call carrot coleslaw (it’s basically coleslaw without the cabbage -just carrots) and although I did have a julienne part to my old plastic peeler it really didn’t work and I always end up bringing out the grater and using that instead. But now I don’t need the grater anymore. The julienne side peels with as much ease and glide as the plain peeler side. The julienne slices come out neat and it really is fun to use.


This peeler can peel vegetables and give you julienne slices too, and it feels like gliding through butter while you do it.
The whole peeling experience for me as been a joy, and I look forward to cooking even more than I did before. The peeler’s feel is lovely. It’s all stainless steel with a weight to the handle that just feels better than gripping a plastic peeler. It’s slightly bigger but I believe that gives better control.

I’m left handed and can confirm that both left and right handers can easily use this peeler (I gave it to a right hander to try). Even the side tools that help you take out potato eyes, etc are easy to do both left and right handed.

The box comes with both the peeler and a little cute cleaning brush. I haven’t needed to use this brush though, cleaning it is very easy using a regular cleaning sponge.

Finally I’ll add that the box didn’t come with any paper quoting anything about the lifetime money back guarantee. I did ask about this and was reassured that they are following a Tupperware style lifetime warranty. This was reassuring, even though I’d still have preferred a sheet of paper telling me this in the box.

I’d recommend this peeler to everyone. It’s really good quality and if like me you’ve been using cheap plastic peelers all the time this one will really impress. You do seem to get what you pay for. If you’ve always felt that peeling was a chore then I’d recommend trying it, it really has become a joy to prepare food now! Just be aware that this peeler is sharp, particularly the julienne blades, just be careful when washing it, if you do this by hand.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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