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Review: Mudder Large Infuser Water Bottle


I was sent this infuser water bottle by Mudder for free for a review.

This infuser bottle is so good and far better than a previous one I’ve tried from Mudder. The bottle comes in its box and inside that the bottle is sitting in a bag. There are no instructions which again can be disappointing if you don’t know how to use an infuser water bottle. However using it is quite simple.

The water bottle opens up by first unscrewing the lid. Once you’ve taken the lid off you then have to pull out the fruit part which just pulls out of the top. This is the part where you will put all your fruit and as you can see there are holes inside this container to allow the water to pass through the fruit and infuse. The lid unscrews making it easy for you to put in the fruit.

Fill the bottle with water (though not all the way of course) and then place the fruit section inside the bottle and push it down until it sits securely. Then just replace the lid and wait.

infuser1 infuser5

Having no instructions makes it hard to know how long to infuse the fruit inside the bottle. I have found out from the internet that about a couple of hours will give the water a light taste of fruit, 4 hours will give a stronger flavour and some people even leave them overnight, but be prepared for a very strong taste.
I decided to leave the fruit in the infuser for about 4 hours before tasting it and it seemed perfect to me.

I’d give you some advise on the fruit you use and say that you should pick something that is ripe and would taste good to eat. Most of that taste will end up in the water and the fruit will weirdly taste quite bland if you try it when you take tit out.
There are example recipes on the side of the box which is a great bonus for me as a previous infuser bottle gave none. I tried the lemon and strawberry combination and I have to say that it is amazing, so refreshing! The taste of the water reminds me of those fruit flavoured waters you can buy in shops but of course it contains no added sugar and is far more healthy.


Using the bottle is very easy and you don’t have to unscrew it to pour water out. The lid has a special catch (see pictures below). First you have to take off the metal hook that keeps it in place and then press the button to open the lid cap. This will flip the cap of the lid open and there is a great spout you can either pour from or drink from. This lid cap has a rubbery seal and so does the screwed on lid meaning this bottle can be turned upside down, when closed, and it doesn’t leak! I’ve tried it!

The final thing to add about this bottle is that if you remove the fruit part, you can replace the lid and it makes an excellent sports water bottle, especially due to its rubbery side – making it easy to hold with sweaty hands:)!


This infuser bottle is far better than another I’ve tried and I can really recommend it to anyone who wants to have a healthy fruity tasting drink without all the additives and sugars that shop bought drinks have. It’s a great item to have if you want to get more water into your system but if like me you just cannot always drink pure water. And if you want to find more recipes for this there are plenty on the internet:)!

Rating: 5/5

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