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Review: Mudder Infuser Water Bottle


I was sent this infuser water bottle by Mudder for free for a review.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what a infuser water bottle was before I received this one. Put simply, it’s a way of getting a lot of great flavour and possibly some vitamins into plain water. This thing is great if you are somebody who either doesn’t drink a lot of water, or who always needs to flavour their water with something…This is me, I can drink plain water only when exercising, otherwise it just doesn’t seem to quench my thirst and I’m always reaching for a tiny bit of cordial or juice to flavour my water.

The mudder infuser bottle comes in a nice box with some info on it plus a nice picture, but that is it, there are no instructions inside on how to use the bottle, which is a disappointment for me as I really didn’t know how to use it. Although now I have tried and found recipes and info online, using the infuser IS actually really easy.

The whole bottle comes apart, there is a top black lid that screws onto the bottle, but to get to the fruit area you have to first unscrew the bottle’s bottom. This will leave the bottom base with the infuser (plastic cup with holes) attached to the base. This too unscrews, and this is where you put the fruit. Now, the box tells you to fill the infuser with strawberries, lemon, lime, kiwi and ginger. If you go online you can actually find recipes to use and they can be filled with more than just these fruits, but the basic idea is anything that will transfer its lovely flavour to the water.
After you have filled with fruits and other things you have to screw this back onto the base. The base then screws back onto the bottle’s bottom. It has a rubbery seal but make sure you tighten it properly as first time I tried I hadn’t properly screwed it on and had a pretty big leakage problem!

Finally you unscrew the lid and pour water into the bottle. The bottle then has to sit for some time to allow the fruits/vegetables/spices to infuse. This is the part that wasn’t clearly explained on the box and I had to find out online that at room temperature it’s suggested to infuse for 1-2 hours, at fridge 4-5 hours and if you really want a tang to your water you can infuse overnight.
I started off by putting some strawberries into the infuser and leaving it for about 4 hours before trying out the water. Now I have to mention another great feature of this bottle and that is the pouring spout is covered with a rubbery covering that means you can tip it upsidedown and it won’t leak. This is great if you actually want to take your infuser bottle with you on the go.

After the 4 hours I cautiously tested it and to my surprise and pleasure the water had completely absorbed the taste of strawberries. All of the flavour and i’m sure some of the vitamins has transferred from the strawberries and into the water I drank and it was nice to have a flavour to an otherwise bland water.🙂 And all this flavour and goodness must have really transferred as when I tasted the strawberry from the bottle later it was very bland and a bit tasteless! I was really impressed with the infuser bottle and so happy that I’m trying all sorts of recipes now.

I will say one thing though before I recommend this bottle and that is if you are going to infuse something, it has to be something nice and sweet or basically something you would eat. On one attempt I tried infusing quite sour strawberries, this led to only one thing…A very sour water! So be aware of what you put in it and find a recipe that you would like.

I’d recommend this infuser bottle to anyone wanting to up their intake of water and who wants to get healthy but doesn’t like or want to drink lots of plain water, or perhaps those that traditionally flavour water with cordials or juice. I can see this being a great product for diabetics too who want the lovely flavour but none of the sugar. A really great product I can really recommend…But the only reason I give it 4 stars is because I had to go searching for the recipes myself and it would have been a bonus if the recipes and info was included inside.

Rating: 4/5

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