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Review: Kurtzy Manual Apple Peeler


I was sent this apple peeler by Kurtzy for free for a review.

This apple peeler came in its own box which was unfortunately quite dirty, almost like dried mud on it. However the contents of the box, the peeler itself were fine and inside its own plastic bag. You get the peeler, a handle, a safety cover for the spikes and a spare blade. According to the box the contents should have also included a cover for the blade that peels but mine didn’t. In fact the contents of my box was rattling around when I received it with the blade and safety cover and handle just loosely moving about in the box.

Setting up the peeler is very easy and instructions are printed on the side of the box with diagrams. The handle is fitted onto the side quite easily and then you just rotate the handle until the peeler blade is in the down position. The peeler comes with rubber suction feet that you push down to really get a good firm hold on your surface.

apple-peeler1 apple-peeler2

Place an apple on top of the spikes and push it on. Then you are ready to start peeing. Turn the handle in a clockwise motion and just watch the peeler move up to your apple and begin peeling. I had to use a second hand to steady the peeler as occasionally it did take a bit of force to start pushing the peel, but once it started it had no problems. The peeling blade moved up the apple as the apple turned and then over the top before lifting away and going back to its original position with the peel still in the blade.

Amazingly the apple peel stayed in one whole long length, something I’ve found very hard to achieve with handheld peelers. There was still some peel left on the top and bottom of the apple, near the core after it had finished peeling but the majority was taken off.


The peeler handle can be taken apart from the peeler to repack into the box, you just need a bit of force.

Whether this peeler saves you time on peeling I don’t know but if you are sick of using handheld peelers, or perhaps you sometimes nick yourself with the sharp handheld blades then this might be the fun gadget for you. It certainly is very fun peeling and as long as you are careful with the spikes and blade I can see some kids (with supervision) having fun with this peeler, perhaps when helping parents in the kitchen🙂.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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