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Review: Amir Vegetable Spiralizer


I was sent this vegetable spiralizer by Amir for free for a review.

I really like this spiral slicer, although it took a bit of working out on how to use it. The vegetable slicer comes in its box along with two different additional cutting blades, a peeler, a small brush, a lid(more on that in a moment) and a mini screwdriver. There are no instructions inside the box and although there are a few instructions on the back of the box they don’t explain how to change the blades -something I will do in this review.

To start with you are given a peeler to help peel your carrots, etc. I actually think the quality of the peeler alone is really good, it’s got a very good blade and the peeling was very smooth and easy and did glide quite well.


Once you’ve peeled whichever vegetables need peeling you can start using the spiral slicer. The instructions on this are there on the back of the box and are easily understood. You simply place your carrot, for example, and start twisting it while pushing it down. It’s exactly like sharpening a pencil except that you need more force and that as you twist the vegetable further you will notice that you don’t quite get to ‘sharpen’ the very centre of the carrot. The lid that I was talking about before looks like a lid that fits into the top on the spiralizer but with plastic parts sticking out on the inside of the lid. This is used to help push down the end of your carrot/vegetable when you can no longer use your hand. Just push it in against the carrot or vegetable and keep turning it – it actually turns very easily and really helps you use up the end of your vegetable.
When you are finished you’ll notice a central thin core left behind which you can cut up.

You can use the spiralizer at either end. The different blades give a different result. The two that are in the slicer to start with both seem the same to me and if they are different, the difference is very subtle and I haven’t noticed. These two blades produced fun spaghetti shaped spirals of carrot. It really is like a fun slightly thick spaghetti!🙂
The two other blades are different, one has notches and the other is simply straight. The notched blade produces a thicker spaghetti curl that’s more like a tagliatelle. The straight blade can really cut a thick slice spiral and the thicker the vegetable you are putting in the bigger the slice that comes out.
The slices aren’t perfect on the last two blades and come out with little notches in them, but who cares they are for eating and they really are fun.
With the biggest blade I actually cut some carrot and later it naturally curled into itself to look like a flower you could garnish the plate with🙂


Now, this ISN’T written about in any instructions and although I have seen a picture on the top of the product page it still isn’t clear to me, I had to work it out, but once you know how to change them it IS easy.

Start by looking at my pictures. There are blades at either end and you can use either blade. At the top of the blade there is a black plastic and if you look very carefully you can see a very small metal pin on one side. This is a hinge. Although at first I wondered how to open it, you just have to use a little force to push the ‘door’ outwards.

The pictures on the product page show someone using the mini screwdriver to pull out the blade but I found it easier just to be very careful and pull out the blade using my hand. There is a notch of the blade that sticks out and it isn’t sharp so makes it easy to pull out. You can then insert a new blade and push it all the way down and then use a bit of force to click closed the ‘door’.


After using the spiralizer you can use the little brush to clean it but I found it much easier just to take the blades out and clean it that way.

Overall I am very happy with this spiralizer. Although its a little tricky to change the blades and you have to be super careful not to cut yourself while spiralizing/’sharpening’ your vegetables it really is a great item. The fact that you also get a good and useful peeler for the price I really do think that the current cost of this item is really good, well worth the money.

Cutting up the vegetables in this way is very fun and you really do end up with a spaghetti of vegetables🙂. I’d recommend this product to anyone who wants to have more fun with their food at meal times. It’s especially great at perhaps getting kids who dislike vegetables interested as they’ll love the vegetable spaghetti. A great product at a great price I can really recommend, just watch your fingers and be careful while handling/cleaning.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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