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Review: ValleyOfTea Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea


I was sent this matcha green tea by Valley of Tea for free for a review.

This matcha tea comes in a re-sealable sachet and you get 30g which isn’t that much but the perfect amount if you are new to this type of tea which I was.
Matcha tea is a green tea. Green tea and black tea come from the same plant so the taste (if you’ve never tried green tea) isn’t too different although the way the individual plant is produced determines what sort of tea you get. So don’t be afraid of trying this tea, it does taste very good.

This matcha tea comes in a small re-sealable sachet that has a foil lining inside. The smell of the tea when you open this packet is just wonderful, a pure tea smell that I just love! The packaging is plain and does show on the front in pictures how much matcha to put with how much water but there isn’t much more and for those like me who have never tried this I would have loved more information on the health benefits and the way to really prepare it on the packaging.

I was cautious in my first tasting and decided to go with about a third to half teaspoon of the powder with some hot (but not boiling) water. The powder is very fine like cocoa powder and when you add water you have to start mixing the powder into the water. The green powder should dissolve but the technique to get this done is hard and I have to admit I do end up little green bits in water. It looks a bit like a thin soup, however this doesn’t look horrible and the taste is what really matters.

This matcha tea has a lovely taste to it. Imagine black tea, with no sugar and no milk and you’ve dipped the bag in the water just long enough to get the taste of tea, without leaving it long enough to go really bitter. That’s what this tea tastes like. It has a slight bitterness like all tea does, but it’s otherwise that lovely milkless tea taste. I would say that if you really find this a bit too bitter try adding your favourite sweetner to this tea, whatever that is. It lifts any bitterness and makes this a pleasant cup of tea.

The fact that this matcha tea comes as a powder rather than a bag makes it far easier to prepare, but this isn’t the only reason to try this tea. Indeed matcha tea is now reputed to have such health benefits that it’s far better than regular green tea – which is already very healthy for you. Matcha tea is prepared in a different way to green tea (try searching ‘ how is matcha tea produced’). The tea leaves are grown in shade and are specially prepared into a powder. all this makes for a tea which is very high in antioxidents and supposed to be good for your brain function and other things. Whether you believe the health reports or not I can say that drinking this tea has made me feel more alert and better able to concentrate – I put it down to the tea as it was the only thing in my diet that changed.

I cannot say for sure whether this is good for your brain and health (I’m no expert) however I really do love eating healthily and for me personally I have noticed a difference. Not only that but I just love both the smell and the taste of this lovely tea. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that I get bits of powder floating in the cup. If you want to stop this happening you can always let the cup sit for a bit before drinking, (but I do love the taste of the green powder) and with time the technique for mixing the tea should get easier and I am trying new methods – although I’ve still not managed to properly mix it until it has a small froth, maybe i’m too impatient to drink it! Either way I love this tea and would recommend anyone to at least try matcha tea to see if you would like it.

This particular matcha tea really has such a lovely taste and smell that I have been drinking it every day. I’ve really enjoyed it and if you like tea then I think it is worth trying. The only downside I can see is that 30g doesn’t go far if you love drinking this tea like me, and although matcha tea in general is far more pricey than black tea, this particular packet is a bit expensive for me at its current price. However it’s not enough for me to knock a whole star off and I would instead give this a 4.5!

Rating: 4.5/5

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