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Review: Thermaspike Food Thermometer


I was sent this food thermometer by Thermaspike for free for a review.

I just love this new food thermometer. It’s so quick and easy to use and I love it so much I’ve taken to measuring the temperature of everything, including my tea!

This food/meat thermometer comes in a nice packaging that’s easy to open up, no cutting open the plastic, just unfolding it at the back. It also comes with instructions and a temperature chart at the back of the card packaging and a AAA battery already installed. The temperature chart gives a list of different meats (beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey and fish) and what temperature to expect the meat to be if you want it rare, medium rare, medium or well done.

food-thermomenter1 food-thermometer2

The thermometer has a spike, which isn’t too sharp but can still do some damage if poked at somebody which is why it is cleverly tucked away underneath, you just pull it out and the thermometer starts straight away, no need to even press the on button. The thermometer is always working once on. It seemed to even register the air temperature, and quite accurately as far as I could see.

To use it with food or meat you simply stab at the food (possibly the wrong word to use) and wait until the thermometer stays on a single number, or if you can’t read it clearly while it is in the oven for example you just wait a few seconds and then press the HOLD button to stop the thermometer reading from going down when you pull the spike part out.
The thermometer will turn off automatically after some time of inactivity but you can also just press the ON/OFF button to save the battery. Or put the spike back until it is tucked away and this will also turn off the thermometer. It also has one more button on the front and that can change the degree reading to Fahrenheit from the original celsius and vice versa.


Now, I keep calling this a food thermometer as although of course it can help you know whether your meat is cooked properly, which is so important, there are so many other uses for this little device. You can check the temperature of any food you are cooking, whether liquid or solid. And this is a great device if you are thinking of attempting to temper chocolate like I am about to try. But more than that it can also be used to measure non food items such as a baby’s bath water and really anything you can think of. I have to admit when I first got it I went a little mad testing the temperature of a potato, my tea, a cake…Silly I know but I just wanted to see how hot everything really got. You don’t have to be afraid of putting this into boiling water either (although I haven’t done completely boiling water yet), as the thermometer’s supposed to be able to read anything from -50C to 300C. The readings I get seem to be very accurate, and as I said it could even tell me the temperature of the room I’m standing it! My next mission is to test out the other end of the scale and see just how cold my ice cream is🙂

I’d really recommend this food thermometer to anybody who is safety conscious. The buttons are all easy to press, the whole thermometer itself is so light and easy to use. Even the shape of it feels comfortable in the hand. It’s a great little gadget to have in your house and I can see so many uses for it. I’d thoroughly recommend this to everyone🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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