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Review: DBPower Digital Kitchen Scale


I was sent this digital kitchen scale by DB Power for free for a review.

I love the compact size of this scale and how simple and easy it is to operate. This scale comes in a simple box with a simple instruction manual that has English, German and Italian instructions. It also comes with a CR 2032 battery already in the scale.

To start with you’ll need to pull out the plastic strip that stops the battery from operating. I thought I could just pull this out but in fact I had to take the battery out to remove it. I’ve included a picture of the battery area just to show you that you remove the battery by first pushing it up. So, once the battery is functioning the scale is just lovely.

To start with the scale will greet you with a ‘HELO’ every time you turn it on (obviously they didn’t have enough room for two Ls) and it starts working immediately and to me very accurately. The scale has a whole piece of glass on the top, no buttons to stick out and press, instead you simply press your hand either on the ‘unit’ word or ‘off/on or tare’ word or button. Like a touch screen the scale will recognise you pressing and behave accordingly. I love this about this scale as its easier to wipe clean the entire surface rather than worry about bits of food or liquid getting stuck beside the buttons. This has happened to me with a pair of scales I owned a few years ago and they basically stopped working because of it.

The DBPOWER scale can not only measure out weights in grams and ounces but also can measure fluids. To change what you want to weigh in just press the unit button again and again until you reach your desired measurement. They are: g, lb + oz, oz, ml and fl oz.

Now I have measured the weight of several different things and each time the scale does seem to be accurate. Anybody who is either a diabetic or following a strict diet or just wanting to bake the perfect cake, will know the importance of having accurate scales that measure out ingredients exactly, and for me this kitchen scale does the job. You can place things on the scale and simply press the tare button to reset the count to zero each time and it’s just so simple and easy to use.

dbscale dbscale1

The scale is nice and compact, a lot smaller than I though it would be and so much more accurate than that traditional mechanical one which can sometimes be out by as much as 10 or 20g – not good for a diabetic having to count the carbohydrates! This kitchen scale is a bonus for me as I can also measure out liquids without having to turn to a jug.

There is only one true negative I can see with this scale and that is that you have to make sure your surface is 100% flat. Even the slightest bump from a piece of paper or something underneath can make the scale add 3 or 4g each time you weigh something. But as long as you make sure there is no uneven surface you are set.

The instructions are simple to read, but a bit of a small font, some may need reading glasses, and the scale is very friendly and simple to use. There are no rubber feet underneath which would help with keeping the scale steady but it really doesn’t take up much space on your kitchen worktop and for the price I think its a lovely little gadget. Overall I’d recommend this for anyone who wants an inexpensive kitchen scale that works.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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