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Review: BaliNutra Coconut Syrup


I was sent this coconut syrup by Bali Nutra for free for a review.

This syrup is just delicious and I just love using it. First I’ll say that it was sent in a lovely secure packaging that looked a bit like an airbed! So no worrying about the glass bottle being damaged. The syrup itself so delicious. I wasn’t sure what it would taste like at first. I like maple syrup but that has a strong taste but for some reason I just don’t like honey much so I wasn’t sure what this would taste like . But I shouldn’t have been so concerned, in fact the first thing I though was- delicious.
The first thing that hit me about the smell and indeed the taste is that it is just like molasses. A delicious dark sugary molasses taste which is actually very pleasant, and also not sickly sweet like some syrups I’ve tasted.

The syrup comes from tapping the coconut tree and basically draining sap from the tree itself, the same way that maple syrup is extracted. But this syrup has a lot of health benefits too. For a few years now we’ve been told how beneficial coconut oil is, so I was very happy to read all about the extra amino acids and minerals that are in this syrup. And how it has a lower glycemic index than other syrups and sugar and higher macro and micro nutrients…I’d never thought there was so much extra in this syrup.

The biggest health benefit for me though is the carbohydrate amount. This is far lower than that of sugar or other syrup so great for diabetics. Whether a type 1 or type 2 diabetic you’re always told to watch the carbohydrates you consume and for me this syrup is worth buying to use in drinks or even in cooking as the carbohydrate amount is 57.9g per 100g of syrup. Golden syrup is about 80g and neat sugar 100g so this really does make a difference if you happen to be diabetic but have a sweet tooth.

As well as pouring it over delicious pancakes and porridge I’ve also tried using it in hot drinks as a sweetener. It tastes a little less sweet than sugar so you either restrict yourself if you’re trying to be good or you might want to have a touch extra. But this slightly mellowed sweetness is great for me as I’m very health conscious and don’t like using neat sugar everywhere and for some reason I am not a fan of the taste of honey. The fact it tastes to me just like molasses means I can put it anywhere that I’d have plain sugar and have already baked some biscuits with it.

This syrup is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians, another bonus for me again! The coconut tree being tapped doesn’t lead to environmental harm and it does state on the bottle that 10% of all profits are donated to building local orphanages or waste recycling infrastructure on the Island of Bali- where this coconut syrup is produced. So not only is this syrup delicious, healthy for a sweet syrup, but it also leaves you with a clean conscience when buying it.

I’d recommend this syrup to anyone who wants to try something different. For diabetics who can’t help themselves this is a great alternative to other syrups and sugar (as long as you use the same amount as you would of sugar of course) and with its lovely sweet but not sickly taste I’d recommend trying it as an alternative to sugar or other syrups. It’s a quality item and for those who love to buy healthy and sustainable foods I’d really recommend this coconut syrup. I keep using it on everything, I’m going to run out very soon!🙂 Just be aware that it has a lot of calories, but so does other syrup and sugar!

Rating: 5/5

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