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Review: Amir Food Thermometer


I was sent this food thermometer by Amir for free for a review.

I really like using this food thermometer. It’s actually very similar to one I have previously reviewed. The thermometer packaging is simply a piece of cardboard that is easily separated from the plastic the thermometer sits in. Keep this cardboard as all the relevant temperatures of meat are on the back.

The thermometer is so easy to use, but you will need to put in one AAA battery into the back before you start (battery not included). To use the thermometer you simply pull out the spike part which sits neatly tucked away when not in use, so no need to worry about hurting yourself. The spike was a bit stiff to pull out at first but just hook your fingers or finger nails around it and it should pull out.
The thermometer comes on as soon as you pull the spike out and automatically registers the temperature of the room. All you have to do is stick the thermometer spike into anything you want. I went a bit nuts and tested the temperature of anything, my latest plate of stew, a potato, a cooked carrot, even the hot water coming out of the tap! The thermometer does give an accurate reading every time.

The thermometer has a simple ON/OFF button and also a button to convert the reading between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This will instantly switch between the two readings, so you can even compare them (the thermometer initially starts using the Celsius setting). The third button is HOLD. This is a valuable button to have considering how quickly the thermometer readings can change when you pull it out of your hot food and back into a colder room. If for any reason you cannot easily read the numbers while you have inserted the spike into your meat that’s in the oven, for example, you simply place it in there, wait a few seconds for the thermometer to reach the temperature and then press HOLD before pulling out the spike. Now you can easily read the reading without worrying that the numbers will start counting down back to room temperature.

This is a food thermometer and of course the biggest thing that it’s great for using for is of course meat. There is a handy chart on the back of the packaging which shows you a list of different types of meat (beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey and fish) and what Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature you should be aiming for if you want rare/ medium rare/ medium or well done meat.

While this thermometer is great for the temperature of meat it also is great at testing the temperature of anything else. I’ve found it great for trying to temper chocolate, checking that vegetables have warmed up, checking that frozen food is cooked, checking the bath water, checking anything really. It can even be used to test your own temperature if you like!
Cleaning the thermometer is a simple matter of just quickly cleaning the spike, and the thermometer will turn off automatically after a short time of no use or when you press the ON/OFF button or push the spike back in until it clicks.

The temperature range of this thermometer is -50C to 300C or -58F to 572F. While I haven’t tried these extreme ends of the scale I do believe that the thermometer can reach those ranges.

I’d recommend this thermometer to anyone looking to buy one. It’s so easy to use, so easy to hold, so simple and even a fun orange colour! I’d really recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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