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Review: UVSight UV Torch


I was sent this UV Light by UV Sight for free for a review.

I have mixed feelings about this UV light. On the one hand it’s great, on the other – does it work? The Uv light comes well packaged inside a small cardboard box along with a set of instructions. The torch itself looks very much like any other small LED torch on the market these days. In fact I already have what looks like the same torch, but luckily the UV torch has the logo ‘UV SIGHT’ written on it so I can tell it apart from another torch.
The torch needs 3 AAA batteries to run, but they already come inserted into the torch so all you have to do is press the button on the back and it’s working.

So, does it work? I waited until dark and tried shining the torch following the instructions for use. What did I find? Nothing. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however and could be more down to the fact that I am very thorough with cleaning my house! the UV light did shine brightly on certain surfaces though, for example some cloths looked really bight, a clump of hair on the floor shone bright. I’m not sure what to do with that information but I do believe that the UV light is working correctly.

BUT, and this is where I am a little nervous about this light, a uv light can be dangerous. the instructions do state that children should be supervised, although I wouldn’t personally want any child to be using this light. It is after all a UV light and although a much smaller strength, it is still the same type of light that is used in sunbeds (unless I am mistaken?). The UV instructions do state not to shine the light into anyone’s eyes, or not to point it at skin for a long time. The instructions even state that eye protection is recommended, but I was disappointed as it isn’t clear what protection you need – is it normal sunglasses, or something else? And having recently suffered a problem with my eyes the brightness of the UV light on certain surfaces was a bit much without any eye protection.

Having said all the negatives though I am still rating this light as a cautious and optimistic 4 stars. While I haven’t found any urine stains of any kind it doesn’t mean that the light doesn’t work. I will be cautiously using this the next time I stay at a hotel though. Being very ocd I can see many people like me using such a torch, however I’d recommend it to be used with caution. I have seen a review for this light suggesting a fun Halloween toy, but I’d definitely NOT recommend this for fun. It’s a great thing to have with you to feel cleaner in your home but be aware of over exposing yourself.

UPDATE: I’ve used this uv light again and again and for the first time today I have seen something!  First it was spilt washing liquid next to the washing machine.  They I started to notice other things, including some weird spot that looks like glue under a tile.  I’ll say that this UV light DOEs seem to work, but what exactly it’s picking up I just don’t know!

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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