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Review: Lanktoo Motion Sensor Night Light


I was sent this motion sensing nightlight by Lanktoo for free for a review.

This motion sensor nightlight comes in its box along with a usb charging cable and two pieces of paper, one a set of instructions in Chinese and the other a brief set of instructions in English and a glue pad. The English instructions are a bit simple though and there is no indication of how to charge the light.

The light can be used as soon as you get it as it already has some charge in it. Charging the light is done via the provided usb cable, but getting into the back panel is only shown on the Chinese instructions and these are not even correct. On the back there is an arrow however you have to slide the panel off in the opposite direction to the arrow. The entire back panel comes off but I have left it part on in my picture. The usb cable then plugs into the port at the back of he light.

motionlight1 motionlight2

Once the light is charged you just slide the panel back on to the back of the light, this time in the direction of the arrow. You can attach this light to a wall using the sticky pad or alternatively leave it anywhere you like, on a table top etc.

The central ball in the middle of the nightlight is the motion sensor. Every time somebody walks past the light the motion sensor will activate the light to come on. This will only work though if the light senses the dark, it won’t come on in daylight. However this light seems to come on a lot even when I have left it in its box. In fact when I first opened the light it was shining on from the box.


Luckily the light is a mellow one, warm white. Coming from behind the light means you won’t get that blinded feeling of staring straight into a light but at the same time it is still light enough to see the room you are in and I was surprised how well this lit up the area, considering the front had a large white panel.

Overall this is a nice nightlight to have, but what lets it down for me is that I cannot turn this off. There seems to be no off button on this light. If it was run on batteries I could simply take them out when I don’t want this light to be on, but without that the only other option is to hide it away or make it completely discharge itself. This plus the back panel removal being confusing are the reasons I drop a star for this light, but it is still a very nice light to have and does it’s job.


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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