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Review: Suptech 200 LED Colourful Solar Fairy Lights


I was sent these colourful solar fairy lights by Suptech for free for a review.

To start with I’ll tell everyone that I received 200LEDs in the multi colour choice.
These string/fairy lights are just lovely. The lights come inside a nice box which has a step by step guide on the back of how to assemble them (the solar panel) correctly. Inside the box the lights are well packaged in bubble wrap along more instructions (in English), and two separate parts to the spike that will hold the solar panel in place in the ground.

sup1 sup2up4sup3

The instructions both on the back of the box (see pictures) and on the inside instruction sheet are very easy to understand and I love the pictures that help you to know how to assemble the solar panel (although its pretty straightforward). The solar panel sits on a spike mount which can be adjusted/ tilted to get the best sunlight, especially important at the darker days of the year.
On the back of the solar panel there are two buttons, MODE and ON/OFF. The power button or ON/OFF button turns the lights on. Now, being solar lights they will only turn on when the panel registers that it is dark enough. To test out whether your lights are working first turn them on, then all you have to do is cover the panel completely with your palm or something else. The buttons are rubbery to feel but you really don’t have to press much for the button to respond.


There are two modes to these LED lights, flashing and static. The static lights are just on all the time, while the flashing lights flash on and off about once every second or so. I really do love the multi option that I have. Something very christmasy about it, and because there are so many plain coloured fairy lights for the garden being sold these days that it’s just lovely to add some colour. The colours are blue, yellow, green and red and go in that order along the string.

These lights just look so lovely when it gets dark, and although at this time of year (October) everybody is thinking about Christmas, these lights can easily be used all year round. They’d add the perfect touch to parties any time of the year.


I really do love these lights. I haven’t found any problems with them so far, just make sure you get enough light into the solar panel during the day. They really are a wonderful addition to any garden and just perfect for getting before Christmas :)!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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