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Review: Niceker Blue Blossom Solar String Lights


I was sent these flower string lights by Niceker for free for a review.

These string lights come nicely packaged inside a plain brown box. The lights along with their solar panel come inside bubble wrap so they are nicely secure. The lights come with instructions and a mount for the solar panel in two parts. The instructions are very basic and seem to be generic instructions used for many different solar lights but they are in English and easy to understand, even though you really won’t need them.


The first thing you do is set up the solar panel. You simply slot together the two parts that form a stake and them slot this onto the back of the solar panel. The back of the solar panel has two buttons. One is marked ON/OFF POWER and the other MODE. You have to have the lights turned to on in order to charge them. I’ll be honest I haven’t yet managed to get a decent charge out of these lights. this has been due to the terribly dark weather I’ve had where I live and the fact that the sun just doesn’t come out as high up in winter so therefore I don’t get as much sun light as I would like. However these do charge up eventually, but I cannot yet comment on how long they last.


The lights are very pretty. They are all plastic flowers and although the LED light is only in the very base of each flower, the shape of each light makes it somehow reflect out in every petal. The flowers are also made of a slightly rubbery feeling plastic that you can slightly bend and they do feel durable.

The light has two modes and will only come on at night when the solar panel registers true darkness. Of course if you can’t wait and just want to check if your lights are working you can always place your palm over the solar panel. The light has two modes, static and flashing which you switch between by pressing the MODE button. The flashing mode is about two flashes every second, so not too strobe-like.


The flowers are all a lovely blue colour and just look lovely when lit up at night. These lights being flowers would be perfect any time of the year and will really make a garden or patio look lovely during an evening party. Lovely lights I can recommend.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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