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Review: Itsun LED Dimmable Earphone Design Lamp


I was sent this LED lamp by Itsun for free for a review.

This is a fun idea for a lamp. It comes to you in a plain brown box and inside the box is a re-sealable bag with the lamp and a usb charging cable inside. The lamp already has charge on it so can be used straight away. You’ll notice the fun way the lamp is kept in while in the box. The description says ‘earphone design’ and that’s a good description as it does look like a pair of headphones with the ears stuck together. This makes it immediately easy to transport as you can carry it with the neck acting as a handle.

lamp1 lamp2

There is a slight magnetic like force keeping the two halves together, just pull them apart and you have the lamp. It’s a simple but easy to use design. The base has a small socket to plug in the usb charging cable and also the universal on/off button. All you have to do to use this lamp is touch the symbol of the power button. It’s touch sensitive and it responds very quickly. You touch it once to turn it on and again to turn it off. If you touch and hold it the light will dim to the lowest level, touch it again to slowly increase the brightness to the highest level. You can take you finger off the touch button at any moment to keep the lamp at your desired dimness/brightness.
I’ve had no problems with this touch button feature and it’s very responsive, easy and fun.

Standing up the lamp is a bit of a challenge. While the gooseneck is very easy to move into any position, the base has no more weight than the lamp head so you have to make sure you place the neck and head in a way that won’t tip it over the whole lamp as without a heavier base it is prone to falling.


I haven’t tried what I see in the amazon picture of somebody wearing this around their neck. I haven’t had a need for this but given just how light this lamp is you could do that, but for me the two halves are still too big and would personally annoy me around my neck.

The lamp’s LED light at the brightest level is good. It lights up the immediate area very well. It is a cool/natural white colour and the LED bulbs themselves aren’t too bright that you’d harm your eyes by looking directly at it. In fact I did stare at the light by accident when I first took it out of the box and put it on while trying to open apart the two halves and I haven’t suffered from any glare.


Overall this is a great little lamp and the portability is amazing. Being able to put the two halves together not only creates a carrying handle but also protects the lamp head during transport. I did deduct a star though because there is no indicator light of any kind to help you with charging it. it is obviously charging when I plug in the usb cable but I have no indicator on when it is fully charged or even any instructions to tell me how long to charge it for. This is the only problem I have had with this lamp.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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