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Review: DBPower LED Dimmable Lamp


I was sent this lamp by DBPOWER for free for a review:

I really do love this desk lamp. It’s so easy to use, move and just feels like a quality item. The desk lamp comes nicely packaged in its box along with a mains plug and an instruction booklet. The instructions are very easy to read in english with diagrams which just make it even better to understand. The lamp itself is really well packaged and comes not only in its own plastic sleeve but the LED head of the lamp is also covered in a layer of bubble wrap which means it’s well protected🙂.

When you first take the lamp out you’ll notice that it can bend at two parts. The base can bend right down and back up to vertical; and the head of the lamp is able to not only bend forwards, but backwards to make the whole lamp completely vertical. The lamp head can also twist from one side to the other quite a bit, so the range of positions you can put this in is really broad.
When you move the lamp at its hinges you’ll notice just how smooth the movement it. I’ve been used to lamps in the past where you really have to push the lamp to move it to where you want, I’ve also had lots of lamps that jerk when you move them on their hinges, but not this DBPOWER lamp! Moving this lamp around to get the perfect angle has been a joy and can mostly be done with one hand only (unless you are really moving the neck up or down far.

The lamp doesn’t have buttons that stick out, but instead uses touch to activate the various settings. There are four buttons: model, on/off, up and down. First you have to turn the lamp on -obviously with the on/off button. The lamp initially starts at quite bight level and you can adjust the brightness by pressing the up or down buttons. The lamp can get really bright and at the same time dim to something that’s like a night light. The model button changes the colour of the light. You start with a cool white, press again for daylight white (a slightly warmer version of the cool white light) and then once more for warm white (a warmer/ yellower light). Press again to go back to cool white.
Having 3 different light colours has really made this lamp even more special for me. Sometimes I’m working on a project and I need to see colours precisely and that is what the cool white light is good for, but for just having the lamp on, it’s nice to switch to warmer colours.
Turning off the lamp you simply press the on/off button but even this feature is special to me! Rather than an abrupt off, the lamp takes a second to sort of fade out. It just feels nicer, more gentle on the eyes🙂.
Another great feature of this lamp is that the LED head just doesn’t get hot. The little holes near the head which look a bit like microphone holes are for letting out the heat, but you really don’t feel it al all with this lamp, which is so good as I used to own a desk lamp with a traditional lightbulb and not only was that uncomfortable for the eyes but it was impossible to position it correctly without getting burned.

The only other feature I have to add is the bass of the lamp is very solid. It’s got a good weight to it so it won’t topple over and the actual base has some nice velvety material underneath so it won’t scratch or slide across your desk or table.

I’d really recommend this desk lamp to anyone looking to get one. It feels like quality and is well built. You get to choose your brightness level and colour (and the lamp will remember this setting the next time you turn it on). Overall I just can’t find fault with this lamp, I just love it and I can really recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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