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Review: DBPower Dimmable LED Gooseneck Desk Lamp


I was sent this gooseneck lamp by DB Power for free for a review.

Well, what can I say. I never knew desk lamps were so good! I’ve always gone and bought one of the cheapest models of desk lamp with a movable neck. I’m sure you’ve seen the kind I’m talking about. The lamp’s neck usually has a grooved neck and lifting or trying to tilt it in any way requires you to hold the base with one hand and move the neck with the other. This in itself is annoying as the neck is usually tough to move and often makes a creaking sound and as a result I’ve never been a fan or desk lamps. But all that has changed with this DBPORWER led desk lamp!

The lamp comes in a box which is strangely shaped to accommodate the base, along with instructions and a plug to the mains power. The instructions include a diagram and are very easy to understand. The lamp itself is very nicely packaged with additional bubble wrap around the LED part to make sure it arrives to your home safely.

So, the first thing I noticed about the lamp is the base is a lot heavier than those cheap lamps I’ve referred to. This is a good thing as craning the LED part in anyway won’t result in the lamp tipping over, which I’ve experienced with some of the cheaper models. The second thing I noticed and it really took me aback was just how movable the neck of the lamp is. Gooseneck is a great word to describe it as just like a goose’s neck you can bend it any way you please. I couldn’t believe I could move the LED part up and down with just one hand. The movement is also so fluid and felt a bit like moving butter compared to those cheap lamps I’ve always used. It also didn’t produce any sound, compared to the creaking I just mentioned.

The plug cable plugs into the back of the base and then (and I love this feature) you simply press the base where the power button is. There is no actual button but just touch your finger to the base and it lights up. First light is dim, then medium, then bright and finally again for off. The reason I like the touch feature rather than a button is, as some buttons over time either become stiff, get permanently pressed in or in the case of one lamp, the button came out! Not sure where that lamp came from but was unusable after that!

The dim light is already sufficient for gentle reading, when you don’t really need a lot of light. The LEDs at this level are also not too bright if you accidently look at them directly which I did when I first put them on. On medium the brightness is really ramped up and for me medium actually felt like a regular lamp. The brightest setting was so bright it really is useful if you need some spot daylight to see your work properly, or for really brightening up your room at night.

Don’t be alarmed or confused by the set of dots that almost looks like a speaker output just next to the LED lights. This is explained in the instructions as where the heat is emitted from. That’s another key great feature of this lamp. It doesn’t ever feel hot! Get one of those cheap lamps and you immediately feel the heat as soon as it is on. This makes a cheap model traditionally, hard to move as you have to touch a hot head of the lamp in order to move it, but this lamp never feels hot to the touch so is again great for this reason too.

I really do love this lamp and can’t believe I haven’t considered such a model before. This lamp has really made me love desk lamps again. As somebody who does a lot of arts & crafts at night this lamp has really helped me to see my work better and I’m so happy with this lamp. Using the gooseneck is such a joy. The lamps pole is completely stiff till about half-way up and then the bendy gooseneck forms the rest of the lamp. This really is every bit as bendy as I say. I’ve been able to really position the neck forwards over my work, backwards, I’ve even twisted it to face upwards. Any position is easily achieved and stays where I put it. I really can’t emphasise enough how much I love this lamp!🙂

I’d recommend this to anybody who is looking for a good desk lamp, whether for work, reading or just having around the house. It’s very stylish and so great to use. A really great lamp I’d recommend again and again, and it also comes in the white colour!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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