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Review: ArtOfBeauty Bat Halloween String Lights


I was sent these bat string lights by Art of Beauty for free for a review.

These bat lights come in a re-sealable plastic bag. The lights are tangled up and I found them very hard to unknot. The lights use 3AA batteries in a clear battery pack. I’ve tried many lights like this before and they all work well. The battery pack has a switch with three options on it ON/FLASH/OFF.

bat1 bat2
Turning the lights on each bat is lit up with a blue light in its neck. Because of the plastic shape of the bat the light spreads around the bat shape slightly and I really do like the look of these lights. The ON option turns the lights to shine constantly while the FLASH option will flash ever half to one second on and off. The colour of the bat lights is always blue.


Overall I do like these lights but my main problem is I just can’t separate these and hold them stretched as easily as I would like. I don’t always stick lights around on the walls and place some lights around objects but without stretching these bats taut they don’t really want to sit easily in a line preferring to bunch up in a curved way. This makes lining a table (without sticking them down in places) very difficult. Still an overall cute light and one I’ll enjoy using this year.


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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