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Review: Ansio 500 LED Warm White Fairy Lights


I was sent these 500 LED fairy lights by Ansio for free for a review.

I just love these fairy lights but there is a small issue with the plug so I hope you will red on…

The lights come in a box along with an instruction sheet which is not so much instructions as a warranty and then safety information. The lights are all LED and are connected by a UK mains plug.
The lights I have tried are in the warm white colour and are the set of 500. All of the lights come on a long plastic string that can bend and is claimed to be shower proof although I haven’t tested this feature out myself. Obviously if you are using these outdoors you’ll want to keep the plug indoors!

5001 5002

The lights start working as soon as you turn them on and there are different functions. These are: combination, waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing flash, slow fade, twinkle and steady. The twinkle setting is something which could give you problems if you are epileptic and for me are a bit too rapid – but that’s just personal taste of course :)! The different styles of sequence are actual all very different and I love the waves and slow glow which remind me of a candle.

There IS an issue I have had with the plug. I don’t however know if this was just my issue or something which all the plugs have. The plug is safe to use but the earth pin (the large pin on the top) which is made of plastic doesn’t look like it’s been shaved down as it should be. I have taken a picture of the plug for you to see. The last picture is of two plugs, this one is on the left with a ‘normal’ plug on the right.


Having this strange, un-cut plug hasn’t stopped my lights from working, but it HAS made putting them into any socket VERY difficult. With an extension socket I did struggle quite a bit to push it in, and when it came to plugging into the wall socket I had to use both hands to ram it in. Something about the pin not being shaped properly just makes it harder to put into the socket. Taking it out though hasn’t been a problem and I only drop 1 star for this feature. The plug is still safe and this feature is more an annoyance than anything else, but I still though it necessary to inform you in case you have the same problem I have had.

Overall I’d recommend these lights. they are so pretty and so lovely just to watch and given there are 500 lights! just so much fun to be had at xmas time or indeed any other time of year!


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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