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Review: Amir 50 LED Blossom Solar String Lights


I was sent these flower shaped solar string lights by Amir for free for a review.

This is a lovely set of flower shaped solar string lights. The lights come in a brown box along with instructions and a mount, in two parts, to help mount the solar panel. The first thing I noticed about this set of lights compared to other solar lights I’ve gotten is that these can completely discharged which meant I had to initially test them in the evening by pointing them at a light bulb for a minute to then test if they worked before placing them outside to charge properly. (Apologies for the last pictures, I lost the charge while snapping the photos so they don’t look as bright as they do in reality).

solar-flower-lights1 solar-flower-lights2

The instructions that come in the box are very basic and generic (I’ve seen them with other solar lights) but you really don’t need many instructions with these. The spike mount comes in two parts which just slot together and then you can place the solar panel on top, and the spike into the ground outside. As with any solar lights these need sunlight to charge and are only happy when it is quite bright, so I’ve not managed a full charge yet due to the weather being rather grim where I live for the last few weeks.

The back of the solar panel comes with two buttons, MODE and ON/OFF or POWER. The on/off button turns the lights on and off, but you must have the button switched to on in order to have the lights charging. The mode button changes whether the lights stay on continuously, or flash on and off about once or twice every second.


The lights have a lovely warm, golden glow to them. The shape of the lights is interesting too, rather than just a normal bulb, these lights have a flower shape and the actual flower isn’t made of a stiff plastic but has a slight rubbery feel to it and is slightly bendy when you touch it. The result of this flower shape is that the light itself is never too bright, they don’t glare at you and just look rather magical and lovely in the dark.

This is a lovely set of solar lights, great for any time of year. The lights require a lot of sunlight so it really does depend on how bright it is in your garden, but as long as you get sunlight during the day, these lights will come on as soon as they register it is dark enough. Overall a lovely set of solar string lights🙂.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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