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Review: Amir 200 LED Solar String Lights


I was sent these solar string lights by Amir for free for a review.

I just love Christmas and anything that makes Christmas feel that bit more magical really excites me! And these lights are just perfect for Christmas!

You get these lights in a plain brown box along with instructions and two parts to a mount for the solar panel. The lights themselves with their solar panel come nicely wrapped in bubble wrap. The instructions are simple but easy to understand. The solar panel is easy to place on the mount which is a stick to put it into the ground. The stick and basically the solar panel is able to rotate back and forth so you can select the best position for the most amount of sunlight. Then you tighten the screw on the side to keep it steady at that angle.

amir-solar-fairy-lights1 amir-solar-fairy-lights2

Underneath the solar panel you will find two rubbery buttons. One button turns the lights on or off, but be aware that the lights will only come on when it is dark, the sensor is very good at detecting when it is night to create that magical look. The other button is called MODE and lets you pick a light pattern. Now I have to admit I’ve struggled to work out all the light patterns there are but there are more than two. There’s lights on, lights flickering gently (my favourite mode!), lights flickering in crazy way, lights flickering half and half (half the lights on then the other half) and half lights on (seems to happen when I press the mode button after the half flickering setting). There are lots of different settings, and it’s fun to keep pressing the MODE button to see them all. There are different settings so I’d urge you to enjoy and see for yourself which one you prefer and ther may be more than I have mentioned here.

You get 22m of lights, which don’t look like that much when all wrapped up in a bunch but it really is long, so really worth the money, considering what I’ve paid for tree lights in the past. The fact that you don’t have to connect these lights via the mains or spend money on batteries is also an added bonus. All you need is a good amount of daylight!


The lights are just lovely and I can’t wait for Christmas to come this year. Something about the warm white colour looks very classy and just so right for Christmas! It’s so magical and really adds to that wintery, sparkly snowflake feel that Christmas lights always give! These are a great set of lights and I haven’t had any problems with them. I’d recommend them to anybody whether you want them for Christmas, or for outdoor parties all year round, they are a lovely set of lights!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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