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Review: SeaTeam Set of 24 Christmas Baubles


I was sent these baubles in the pink colour option by Sea Team for free for a review.

These come in a round clear box with the SeaTeam logo on the front. The round design of the box kept these baubles safe in transit and there are 24 baubles in three different designs. You get six matt baubles, six glittery ones and twelve shiny or reflective ones.
I also got a gold glittery star tree topper. I don’t know if this comes with these baubles or with the others I also got from this company so can’t be sure everyone gets this but I’ve added pics to show you.

pink-bauble1 pink-bauble2

I’ve taken pictures of just two of the bauble types as I’m camera shy and there was no way for me to take the picture without it reflecting me, but all three designs are lovely. The baubles themselves come with a silver string to hang and all look perfect – and in my favourite colour which is a bonus. The pink colour I have looks more vibrant than the ones in the pictures and a deeper stronger colour, but still a lovely pink that’s not too harsh like hot pink would be.

star1 tar2

The glitter baubles are probably my favourites due to the fact the entire thing is covered in glitter and really reflects lights well but all three baubles look good on a Christmas tree and I can’t wait to start decorating mine with these. I’ve had no problems with the packaging although both these and some other baubles weren’t given the best packaging (something the seller promises to remedy when I spoke to them about it) and I’ve only spotted one bauble that had the smallest of dents but other than that they look perfect and this was a delivery issue and not a product one which is why I’m not marking this review down for that. The only reason I give this a 4 instead of a 5 is the fact the price just seems a bit much compared with other sellers, however I really can’t fault these baubles they are really pretty and look lovely against the light!

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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