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Review: Mudder 12 LED Tealights


I was sent these 12 LED tealights by Mudder for free for a review.

These small LED candles come in a plain white box. Each tealight candle already contains a CR2032 battery which can be activated by pulling out the very small piece of plastic. After that you can turn the switch on the bottom of the candle to on. This switch is very stiff though so it can take some strength to push it to on. Each candle is quite small and made of a white plastic with the fake flame being made of some sort of rubbery/silicone material that you can bend a bit (but you shouldn’t).

When the light comes on it morphs between a dimming/fading light and a flashing light. The colours it cycles through are many, red, green, blue, white yellow, purple (I’m not sure of the order of colours or if there are any others). There is no way to switch between a dimming light and flashing light, one will follow on from the other and keep alternating. There is also no way to turn the colours off to white.

12-tealights1 12-tealights2

The problem I have with these tealights is that the whole cycle of flashing and dimming is just too fast. The dimming light is when the light slowly fades to nothing and then back to bright (each time displaying a different colour) but this dimming should really happen at a slow rate, taking several seconds. Each fade takes about 1 second so this in itself feels more like flashing than fading. And the whole fading/dimming cycle takes less than a minute to happen.
The flashing lights look like crazy xmas fairy lights that flash too fast in an almost strobe speed. This too takes less than a minute in fact only a few seconds for this cycle to finish.


While these tealights would be great for a party due to all the colours and flashing, I wouldn’t recommend them for relaxation or even romance (unless romantic means crazy flashing lights). They don’t look too realistic either but considering the under £7 price tag I’d be happy to place them around the room for a party.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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