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Review: Itsun 9 LED Tealights


I was sent these LED tealights by Itsun for free for a review.

These candles come in their box along with instructions and a remote control. The instructions are in English, contain diagrams and are easy to understand. You get 9 LED candles in the box. Each candle requires a CR2450 battery to operate but all the candles already come with a battery pre-installed which is good. Although none of these batteries had the plastic tag I’m used to seeing with new items.

To use the candles you can just turn the candle over and on its underside is an on/off switch. Turn these candles to on and they will have a static light. Each of these candles looks good with just a static light. Each candle and flame is made of plastic but from a distance, when turned on they do look like real candles. When the light is on it creates a cream colour like with real wax candles, but when the light is off the candle looks white.

9-tealights1 9-tealights2

While they look good with a static light, you have the option of using the remote with these candles for better effects. The remote uses one CR2025 but this is also pre-installed so you just need to pull out the plastic tag to use it.
There are 6 buttons. ON and OFF turn the candles on or off. But to use this feature at all the candles must still be turned on at their base. There’s a plus and minus sign buttons. The plus sign increases the brightness of the candles while the minus sign dims them. The last two buttons are SL and FL. SL creates a slow flicker to each light while FL creates a fast flicker.
I have had trouble with some of these features. For a start the candles don’t always respond to the on/off button. If I try to light up all 9 at once there’s sometimes one that won’t respond. The same goes for the plus and minus buttons and the flicker buttons. Although it doesn’t always happen sometimes I need to point the remote at the candle that didn’t respond and repeat the button press to get it to perform the function I want.
This might be to do with where the sensor is on the candles. Perhaps it’s not able to pick up on the remote at all angles? It’s a minor niggle though and doesn’t really bother me that much.


The fast flicker is very fast, too fast. It looks more like the flicker of Christmas fairy lights than a candle. The same goes for the slow flicker. It’s too fast as well. I feel like the slow flicker should be the fast. Although it does create a realistic looking candle with flicker, it’s so fast that it just doesn’t quite look like a real candle.

Overall these candle LEDs are nice to have and I do prefer them on a static light. The light of one candle occasionally stops for a second and then starts again which is strange and some of the candle flames are sharp or have a very sharp plastic end which I’ve caught my fingers on while picking them up, but overall a lovely set of lights.


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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