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Review: Frostfire Rechargeable Colour Changing Flameless Mooncandles


I was sent these mooncandles by Frostfire for free for a review.

Wow! These flameless candles are so lovely and really create a lovely atmosphere in your home. These flameless candles come in their box along with instructions, a charging base, a mains power plug, and a remote control.

As you can see from the pictures below, the candles and all the equipment comes so well wrapped that you really don’t have to worry about anything being damaged in transit. The candles themselves are covered with plastic to protect the wax and then everything including the charging base is very well wrapped in a material that is a bit like bubble wrap.

moon1 moon2 moon3 moon4 moon5

The instructions are easy to understand and are written in English, German, French and Italian. The candles do come with some charge in them so you can switch them on straight away to check they are working, but you’ll want to recharge them fully to get the best from them. The candles have an ON/OFF switch underneath so you have to make sure they are off before placing them in the charging tray/base. The base has places for each candle to sit and protruding from it is a connector for each candle. Make sure you not only place the candle in the base but push it down enough to make sure it really did connect or it won’t charge up.
Now, the charging is the only real issue for me. The plug was a bit stiff going into my wall socket. A red light near the cable of the plug stays on to tell you the base is charging. Each candle has its own light in front which is red. This light eventually morphs into a yellow and then a green to show you it is fully charged. Now, one candle took around 2 hours to fully charge, while another took 3 and the last about 3 and a half! A long time to wait but don’t think the charging base isn’t working, it will show up as green when each candle is charged (although the middle charger seems to work a bit faster than the others for me).


Once the candles are charged that’s it! You can put them wherever you like and use them. You turn them on at the base and then they start morphing into different colours. If you stagger when you switch each candle on you can get different colours running at the same time in the different candles.


The remote control is how you operate the candles. It comes with a CR2025 battery already installed. The remote can turn on, or off the candle light. The MODE function lets you choose between a static light or a flickering light, which is my preferred option as this makes them look like real candles.
The timer function lets you set the candles to stay on for either 4 or 8 hours. This feature is great for example if you might fall asleep with the candles in the room. With real candles that would be dangerous but with these it just helps to preserve the battery.
Finally there are the colour options. All the differently coloured buttons can be selected to choose whichever colour you like. The multi-coloured option is just that, the candle morphing into different colours.
Now, I have tried to take some pictures of the different colours but my camera isn’t so good at picking up all the colours and they really are clearer and there are more than my camera can show.


These candles are even more special for me as they are made from real wax! This gives them an authentic feel and smell. I love burning candles at home to create a nice atmosphere, but I have been afraid of dozing off in the evenings with the candles on. Luckily with these mooncadles I can fall asleep and not worry about burning the house down. The candles DO look realistic, especially the flickering mode, and the way the wax has been shaped suggests they have already melted a little. The wax also has this incredible smell that I just love.


I can really recommend these candles to anyone looking to buy flameless candles, or anyone looking for a safer option to real candles. The wax doesn’t melt, it’s not hot to the touch and they just look so real. The only down side is you have to recharge them for so long, but apart from that they’d make an excellent gift for a friend, a loved one and even yourself!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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